Creating Instagrammable Interiors in 2021

Have you noticed any trends when it comes to browsing interiors on Instagram recently? We certainly have! There are a few clear interior design trends emerging as really popular choices for 2021 and beyond. We wanted to run through a few of these and kick your inspiration levels into gear. 

Just so you know, we have taken our definition of popular trends from what appears most frequently in our Instagram feeds. High-end interior designers might have slightly different takes on the most successful design trends for 2021, but we know that these few interior trends are taking social media by storm right now.


Japandi? That sounds a bit strange. 

Bear with us though – its 40,256 Instagram hashtags make it the 7th most popular interior design term of late. The popularity of this interior design trend is only rising further, so it’s a wise idea to take stock.

As you might’ve guessed, Japandi celebrates a style of Japanese minimalism. In this particular style, it is fused with a similar Scandinavian style. Both of these countries champion minimalist designs with clean lines and neutral colors. Textures are natural-looking and if you had to come up with one word to describe the style, it might be ‘clean’.

As you can see, this area is not at all cluttered with unnecessary furnishings. Neither does it contain any colors that ‘pop’ and draw attention. Successfully designing a Japandi-style interior is all about keeping it low-key and using furniture of high quality workmanship.

Start dreaming about your Japandi living areas by browsing some contemporary furniture that would suit the style. Many designs by Ton suit this aesthetic well.

Home Office 

One interior design trend that will not go away at the moment is that of a home office. Of course, owing to the sharp increase in people working from home due to COVID-19, more people are now in need of a home office.

A stylish home office space makes for a much more productive workday! Let’s not forget that this has 599,864 Instagram hashtags and is the fourth most frequently searched interior design trend at the moment.

In terms of colors, it is usually a wise choice to pick something natural and calming. Opt for light tones with the occasional earth-toned background color if you can. For example, you might have a white/beige desk set against the backdrop of a real wood accent wall. 


Best described as ‘cottage core meets boho’, the rustic interior design trend is the most hashtagged on Instagram so far in 2021. Full of plush rugs and exposed wood, there is a real juxtaposition of textures that makes the rustic style stand out. 

To create an effective rustic living space, you need to be already armed with striking, natural features like wooden beams, floorboards and ceilings. The materials should not look manufactured, and should be all about celebrating their natural state. Think about the texture of a log.

In fact, logs are a key feature of a rustic style. These can be effectively paired with any other wooden features like side tables, desks or shelves.

It doesn’t need to be all about wood! Other natural materials like stone can add a splash of modern living to a rustic home. The pairing of a lighter stone with dark wood is a hallmark of the rustic design trend.

In truth, ‘rustic’ is quite a broad term that can be applied to any room that showcases natural materials in their original state. However, it is heavily connected to the use of wood and ‘log cabin’ vibes that give an earthy feel to the area.