3 Interior Design Trends to Follow in 2019


The new year is around the corner, and it’s time for resolutions. If your resolution is to spruce up your living space, you’ve come to the right place. Interior design has seen some drastic shifts in 2018 that are likely to lead to some bold and exciting trends in 2019.

There are three interior design trends you should be prepared to see in 2019. And, if you’re planning on redecorating, you should probably turn to them for inspiration.

#1) Industrial is back. 

Making your home feel a little bit like a warehouse would have been guffawed at a decade ago. However, the industrial-looking touch has grown to popularity and rather than making homes feel like warehouses, it rather gives them an uptown loft feel. Metal and bronze touches where possible can look rather elegant when still paired with upscale furnishings.

Furthermore, industrial chandeliers really add a warm look to an otherwise modern vibe. Pair with the warm glow of an awesome Edison bulb and you’re in business.

#2) Less is more. 

We can’t stress enough the rising trend toward minimalist interior design. Fortunately, it’s easier to achieve now than ever before. Bulky computers have been replaced by smartphones and inventive storage compartments have been designed. Minimalist doesn’t necessarily have to mean contemporary either. Plenty of mid-century modern furniture embodies a more minimalist vibe, while still maintaining an alluring aesthetic.

Its been proven time and time again that minimalist surroundings are better for our mental well-being also, so this is one change that it’s definitely time to make.

#3) Gentle curves. 

Gone are the days of hard edges and 90-degree angles. Cubist, geometric designs may have been cool in 2018, but they’re so out in 2019. Rounded edges on your sofas, coffee tables, or rugs can bring just a touch of warmth and femininity to an otherwise masculine room. A Noguchi coffee table is one sure way to achieve the more rounded look in your living room.

Similarly, round rugs or rugs with rounded corners give off a more inviting feel as well.

Next year may be new yet, but it’s all about going back to basics. No over-the-top modern looks, no sleek white furnishings, no empty walls. Say goodbye to imposing cool gray tones and uncomfortable leather sofas. It’s time to make your home a place for living in again.