4 Ways to Create Separation in Small Spaces

Open layouts have been a fantastic idea and interior design trend for quite some time now. But, even open layouts need some sense of privacy and separation to divide the different spaces. A few tricks like using area rugs can help you separate the living room from the dining area or kitchen. Still, for a more prominent separation, mainly to separate, say, a bedroom or workspace from the living area, you probably need to be more creative. 

Keep reading for some stylish separation ideas you can try to divide spaces in your small apartment. 

1. Use Privacy Screens for a Practical Solution

Privacy screens are a practical solution that can also be stylish. For example, the Eileen Gray Brick Screen; its intricate design makes it perfect for dividing a room from a living while adding a decorative element to the space. The lacquered panels add intricacy and style to the room while providing enough privacy without completely obstructing the eye’s sight. 

However, if that’s too much for your home decor, consider the less-imposing Sunrise Screen by Midj instead. Available in different finishes and colors, we envision this panel behind the living room sofa to double as a divider from other spaces in the house. The best part of this panel is that you can quickly move it around the house if you need to create some privacy somewhere else. 

2. Try Sideboards for Large Rooms

When you have a long, open floor layout, differentiating one space from the other can be challenging. The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Sideboard can help you create that visual separation your home needs. While sideboards usually go by the dining table, don’t be afraid to get creative. Placing it by the living room can help create that division. 

Another interesting spot to place the sideboard is by your entryway. Having a statement piece by the entrance can separate this space from the rest of the house and guide the eyes as you enter the home. 

3. Consider Modern Sofas for an Open Layout With Functionality

A modern sofa can be great for separation, particularly in open layouts. For example, if you place a couch by the middle of the room, adding a console table or desk behind it can create a seamless transition from workspace to living space. Besides, the table can easily double as an extra table area if you ever have guests come over. 

The way you place the sofa has a lot to do with how you’ll divide the space. For example, placing a couch with its back in the dining room will create the illusion of division. 

4. Line Up Tall Bookcases for an Unexpected Separation

Depending on the layout of your house, you can line up tall bookcases like the Suite Bookcase by Midj to create the illusion of separation. A bookshelf adorned with your favorite books, some greenery, and decorative accessories can be an excellent way to separate space. Whether you place it resting against a wall or a sofa, it can seamlessly fit into the room and look like it was made for it.  

Be Creative

Whether you have a studio apartment or a small house, separation of spaces can help you rearrange your home to look and feel like you want. Folding dividers, curtains, and movable walls are unique room divider options that can help you create separation in small spaces, provide privacy, and create a change of scenery without looking overwhelming.