5 Feng Shui Tips for Creating a Serene Bedroom

Feng shui is the Chinese art of arranging objects in a way that promotes peace and prosperity in your life and your space. Feng shui can apply to all aspects of your home, though many people will apply feng shui first to their bedrooms given it’s where we rest, spend a large portion of our days, and hide away from the chaos of our daily lives. If you’re looking to get more harmony and restoration in your bedroom, consider some of the following feng shui tips that anyone can apply in their home. 

1. Proper Bed Positioning

To many, how you arrange your bed is the most important aspect of feng shui in the bedroom. The head of the bed should be placed up against the wall, which offers a sense of support and stability that can promote more restful and relaxing sleep. This means you should try not to place the head of your bed underneath or against a window. 

To have the proper commanding position, the bed should be placed where it’s facing the door when you’re lying in bed, but it shouldn’t be directly in line with the door if possible. You should also avoid placing your bed in direct line with a mirror, which could disturb you while you’re trying to sleep. 

2. Get a Headboard

To add even more security and stability to your bed, make sure you have a headboard securely attached to the frame of the bed. Go for headboards made from solid materials like wood or upholstered fabric. If you can, opt for a headboard that has softer lines for less harsh energy in the room.  

3. Eliminate Clutter

Keep your bedroom free from as much clutter as you can aside from the essentials–your bed, headboard, rug, and nightstands. If you can, keep electronics like TVs, computers, and cell phones out of the bedroom to not disturb the energy of your room. Even items like books or certain pieces of art and furniture can be too active and energizing to keep you from getting a good night’s rest. 

This includes storing items under your bed–if you’re following feng shui practices properly, you should leave this space completely clear. This allows life force energy to freely flow through your bed as you’re sleeping and offers you more restorative sleep. 

4. Opt for Symmetry

You should prioritize symmetry in your bedroom to follow feng shui principles, which can create a sense of balance in your room. Namely, this calls for adding two identical nightstands on either side of the bed. In doing so, the nightstands help to ground the bed to the surroundings and will help you feel more secure and peaceful in your bedroom environment. 

5. Use Neutral Tones

If you want to promote a more restful environment in your bedroom, select colors for your linens, rugs, and walls that are neutral and not stimulating. In other words, you’ll want to keep vibrant colors like yellow or red out of the bedroom when you’re following feng shui principles. Earthy tones and beiges or creams are always excellent choices that help you relax without infusing too much unnecessary energy into the space.