5 Iconic Chair Styles You Should Know

Chairs are some of the most basic pieces of furniture that a person can possess. Yet, despite this fact, or perhaps because of it, designers for centuries have sought to reinterpret this seemingly simple item. As you are about to see, some of the most famous designers of all time have left their distinctive mark on a piece of furnishing that to some people is merely an item to be sat upon and nothing more. Here are a few of the most iconic chair styles in design history.

  • Bentwood chair: For years the secret of bending wood enough so that it would make itself pliable enough to be designed yet not break or crack eluded furniture makers. Then in the 1830s German-Austrian cabinet maker Michael Thonet began perfecting a way to curve wood with the use of hot steam. Eventually, his unique process lead to his bent wood chairs which are and were ornate in design.
  • Cesca chair: Nicknamed after his adopted daughter Francesca, Marcel Breuer’s Cesca chair has been referred to by some as one of the 10 most important chairs of the 20th Its tubular-steel frame and a caned seat and back are based on the design style of the 1920s.
  • “Grand Confort” (not comfort): The confort is a cube-shaped high armchair with leather cushions held into place with a chrome-plated steel corset. The chair stresses comfort and style and was even used by the late Steve Jobs when he introduced the IPad to the public.
  • The Tulip chair: This design balked at the notion that a chair must rest on four legs. Instead, Eero Saarinen’s chair rests upon a single post and cradles the person in a secure and stable manner.bentwood chair
  • The “Egg” chair: Originally designed for the reception areas of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen’s “egg” and “swan” chairs were inspired by the Italian design historian Ernesto Rogers. The chair’s unique egg shaped designed has inspired many imitators who have all failed to match Jacobsen’s original style.

As you can see, many designers have sought to redesign this ubiquitous piece of furniture. These are just a few whose works have done just that. These designers and their works are also representative of the furnishings we have available at Bauhaus2YourHouse. When you buy a piece of furniture from us you are buying a piece of history.