5 Iconic Chair Styles You Should Know

A chair is more than just a spot to sit; it’s a canvas for creativity and a showpiece of design evolution. For ages, artisans have been turning this ordinary furnishing into extraordinary works of art, defining eras and showcasing innovation. Allow us to guide you through the fascinating world of iconic chair designs that have stood the test of time, reshaping our idea of what it means to simply ‘have a seat’.

The Revolutionary Bentwood Chair

The enigma of bending wood without breaking was a puzzle for furniture creators until the 1830s when Michael Thonet, a German-Austrian cabinetmaker, harnessed the power of steam. Thonet’s groundbreaking technique led to the creation of the ornate Bentwood Chair. A marriage of form and function, its elegant curves and durability made it a mainstay in cafes and homes alike, proving that ingenuity in design can stand the test of time.

The Minimalist Cesca Chair

Marcel Breuer’s Cesca Chair is a testament to the Bauhaus principle of form follows function. With a nod to his daughter Francesca, this chair showcases a tubular steel frame paired with a caned seat and back—a hallmark of the 1920s avant-garde design. Its transparency and lightness of form were revolutionary, earning it a place on the list of the 20th century’s most significant chair designs.

The Cube of Comfort: The ‘Grand Confort’

Challenging traditional aesthetics, the ‘Grand Confort’—a term distinct from ‘comfort’—features a cube-shaped frame clad in a steel corset, embracing leather cushions that exude luxury. This high armchair, a celebrated piece by Le Corbusier, perfectly represents comfort married with style, and was notably used by Steve Jobs during the iPad’s grand introduction.

The Singular Tulip Chair

Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Chair shatters conventions by resting on a sole central post, defying the four-legged norm. This futuristic design encapsulates secure, stable support with its flowing lines, reflecting Saarinen’s ability to create harmony through design while truly reimagining the basics of chair construction.

The Egg Chair: A Design Oeuvre

Designed for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair is a triumph of organic form, inspired by Italian design maestro Ernesto Rogers. Its smooth, egg-shaped silhouette has been widely emulated yet never duplicated, serving as a testament to Jacobsen’s innovative vision and a touchstone in modern design.

In conclusion, these chair designs aren’t merely places to sit—they are markers of history, innovation, and artistry. Each piece reflects the spirit of its time and the bold vision of its creator. These timeless designs inform the remarkable collection we offer at Bauhaus2YourHouse. To invest in one of our chairs is more than a simple purchase; it’s owning a slice of history, enriched with the legacy of design excellence.