7 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Furniture

Dogs love to cuddle up on the sofa next to their human owners. Cats love exploring objects and places in your home that many owners would prefer that they leave alone. Some of us owners have no problem with this. However, valuable furnishings need to be protected against our four-legged friends in order to maintain the lifespan of our belongings. So how do you pet-proof your furniture while still making your home cozy and accessible to your cat or dog? Here are some tips that will help you protect furniture from pets.

  • Provide your pet with enough toys: Give your cat or dog enough toys to satisfy their instinct to chew, chase or wrestle. This will keep them mentally engaged and make them less likely to act out.
  • Use furniture covers: Cover your most valuable furnishings with washable blankets, slipcovers or throws. Aside from protecting your furnishings from your pets, these items are an easy way to add extra texture and style to your home.
  • Use scent deterrents: Puppies in particular love to chew on things. Consider using bitter apple spray to deter gnawing. Also, crate training is another option if your dog is a repeat offender who is constantly gnawing on your furnishings.
  • Choose pet-friendly materials: Leather and microfiber are popular choices for people who are seeking to pet-proof their furnishings. Leather is easy to wipe clean and does not cling on to dog or cat hair. Microfiber is difficult to stain and repels moisture.
  • Invest in a nice dog bed: Chances are your dog will have little interest in destroying your furnishings if it has a nice comfy spot

    of its own to rest.

  • Keep certain rooms off limits to your pets: Close doors that give your pet access to rooms that you do not wish it enter. You can also buy gates and other barriers to restrict your pet’s access to certain parts of the house.
  • Establish rules, boundaries and limitations: Of course good old-fashioned discipline is always helpful. Set rules and enforce them with stern words, loss of privileges and even a spritz from a cold water bottle if necessary.

In short, there is no sense in owning an Eileen gray table if your cat is going to claw at it incessantly. Similarly, there is no sense in having a Bentwood chair among your belongings if your dog is going to chew or have an accident on it. Follow these tips and you will extend the life of your furnishings.