Designing a stylish walk-in closet

A walk-in closet does not need to be only a place to hang up your clothes or put them on shelves. You can make use of the extra space with innovative additions that will mean more convenience and comfort for you personally.

With a few small accents, your walk-in closet can be a comfy space for primping, prepping, and even just relaxing.

Proper storage

Deck out your walk-in closet with wardrobes, drawers, exposed shoe cabinets, handbag displays, and clothing valets.

A valet like the Arch Clothes Valet is perfect for keeping suit jackets sleek and unwrinkled. The clothing stand’s linear simplicity is updated with two-toned wood and a natural and black finish, making it a great contemporary touch.

Consider lining the walls with feature shelves and enclosed storage cabinets, leaving the middle of the walk-in closet open for strutting your stuff.

Comfortable seating

Creating a comfortable environment will ensure you’re in the right headspace for wise fashion choices. Incorporate a loveseat, armchair, or even a couple of ottomans in the center of your walk-in closet. This will create a helpful seating area for when you’re putting on shoes, socks, or tights.

The Le Corbusier Petite Ottoman is a chic, modern walk-in closet accessory. It can be used individually or accompanied by a one, two, or three-seat Petite Lounge chair.

Ottomans can be fantastic accent furniture pieces that can add to the value and décor of the closet, give a place to step on to reach hard-to-reach shelves, and allow you to sit down when trying on different parts of your wardrobe, shoes, and accessories. Ottomans also often come with a storage area that could hold sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and more.

Plenty of mirrors

What’s the point of a walk-in closet if you can’t admire your final outfit choice? Incorporate some full-length mirrors, either on the wall or as a stand-alone.

The Lilly Reich Pier Mirror would be a stunning simplistic yet modernist touch. It’s eye-catching without detracting from the other decor. Remember that when you’re decorating your walk-in closet, your pieces shouldn’t be too expressive. Its key decorative feature should be you, so the surroundings should be plush yet muted.