Exploring the Brass Finish Trend in Interior Design

Brass fixtures have fallen in and out of popularity since the Victorian Era. Due to the increase in affordable and diverse home goods during the Industrial Revolution, more homes began incorporating brass fixtures in a variety of shapes and styles. The fixtures often incorporated designs like swirls and beaded edging, which added a touch of sophistication to traditional homes. 

As the 50s and 60s began, elaborate designs were no longer as popular and simple, and clean geometric shapes became the new trend. The 70s brought a desire for ornate, gold-sheen finishings, which contrasts today’s modern, chrome coating. Today, brass hasn’t waned in popularity since its introduction, but its style continues to adapt with the times. 

Popular in Fixtures

Brass fixtures are popular in many modern and vintage homes. They add an elegant feel to sinks, faucets, and cabinet knobs. 

If you want to incorporate brass elements into your room in a more unique way, you can consider adding extra homeware details in the material. For example, clocks, photo frames, vases, and even figurines can all bring a touch of intrigue and tie the space together. 

Adds Warmth

Unlike many modern materials, brass can easily brighten a room while complementing both traditional and contemporary aesthetics. If you’re looking to enliven a space that has a more monochromatic presentation, simply add a few brass accessories. 

Invest in new lighting fixtures such as wall sconces or lamps to bring new warmth to the room. These subtle changes can create greater contrast and interest in a sober space. Brass is available in a variety of finishes from bright gold to a matte copper, so you can always find something that suits the undertones of your room’s current palette and design. 

Versatile Use

The versatility of brass makes it one of the best materials to choose for any room. Not only can you choose from a wide array of detailed and simple designs, but there is a perfect finishing for every style and room. 

Satin and brushed matte coating are ideal for rooms with high levels of exposure to water like kitchens and bathrooms. They hide water spots and tend to need lower levels of cleaning to keep looking their best. 

Polished brass is perfect for anyone who desires a luxurious look. It is highly reflective, which looks stunning alongside elegant interiors. However, if you don’t think you can keep the material clean on a regular basis, you may want to choose another finish, especially in high-contact areas. 

Lacquered finished brass is great for anyone who wants to keep their brass looking sophisticated and in top-shape over the years. For those who prefer the antique look of slightly worn brass, choose unlacquered pieces for their inherent charm. 

Pairs Well with Dark Colors

While dark colors like deep navy or gray are beautiful for contemporary tastes, they can sometimes look heavy or sullen without accent pieces. To avoid heavy redecoration, simply choose the finishing that best suits your room’s concept and swap ordinary details with brass fixtures.