Halloween Interior Design Ideas

Halloween is eerily approaching us and many people use this occasion as an opportunity to dispose of their staid décor and replace it with furnishings and decorations that add a touch of the macabre to their homes. Here are some of the most intriguing ideas we’ve found to put homeowners in the mood for this unique holiday.

  • The ghost and the table: It almost sounds too easy, too cliché but as Halloween approaches consider pairing your Saarinen table with a pair of acrylic ghost chairs. Putting these two pieces together is a great way to add a touch of whimsy and style to your home this season and beyond.
  • Pumpkins: This is a no brainer. However, who says that pumpkins have to be orange. Be creative and paint your pumpkins white, grey, black or any other color combo you desire to match your décor.
  • Halloween Trees: Who says that tree decorating should only be associated with Halloween’s opposite – Christmas? Spray paint a small tree black and then decorate it with Halloween themed cut-outs.
  • Webbing: Cheap, easily hung up and taken down, no Halloween would be complete withchairs-eero-saarinen-lounge-chairout some webbing. Some stores even sell spider web table cloths. Make the webbing extra creepy by attaching to it small, plastic spiders.
  • Skulls: Skulls come in an infinite variety of objects such as artwork, clothing, pillows, sheets, etc. Let your imagination take off by decorating your home with skulls of different sizes, colors and materials.
  • Creepy pillows: Place a Halloween themed pillow in your Saarinen chair or on sofas around your home.
  • Skeleton hand: Use a skeleton hand prop to hold up jewelry, candles, jars and any other object you desire.

Put simply: no matter what holiday it is home décor does not have to be stuffy and informal. No holiday reminds us of that more than Halloween. If Christmas is the time of miracles then Halloween is the time for whimsy and quirkiness. So, let the little ghouls in your home help you to lace your home with webbing, cut-outs, etc. Let the eccentric in you come out to play if only for a short time. Or if you don’t have children try accessing the child inside do these things for yourself.