Be in the Holiday Spirit All Year Long

It’s that time of year when everyone is breaki"modern classic furniture"ng out the orange and black and throwing manufactured cobwebs in every corner of their house. It’s fun and festive to put up Halloween decorations every October, but some of you may actually dig the look so much you’re wondering how to turn it into a year round décor theme. Well don’t worry, channeling Halloween design vibes doesn’t have to be all about witches and goblins; there are many subtle ways to create a chilling design scheme and modern classic furniture offers up some great options.

So for those of you looking for some eerie inspiration, we’ve compiled a little list of tips to help you create a dark design you will love all year long:

Grey walls with black furniture: We think a good grey wall is totally underappreciated. Even if you’re not going for this year round Halloween vibe we’re talking about, grey walls are still a solid design choice. But since mystery is what we’re talking, light-dark grey walls with black furniture pieces and dark reds, oranges or purples as accent colors are key. A Le Corbusier Basculant Sling Chair from Bauhaus 2 Your House could be the perfect piece for a grey living room.

A little lace goes a long way: Black lace always screams mystery and when used in the right way, can add just the right creep factor. Covering your lampshade with an eerie yet elegant lace lampshade drape adds just the right touch. A little delicate lace fringe around your Tulip Table could work as well.

Don’t overdo it: This is the most important guideline to follow. No matter how much you like this spectacularly spooky holiday, you probably don’t want your home looking like a haunted house all year long. If you’re going to use design details like skulls or crows, make sure they are subtle and few and far between. Candles always make for a great eerie atmosphere, but don’t use too many; you don’t want it to look like you host séances on the regular.

Whatever design scheme you decide to go with, Bauhaus 2 Your House has everything you need to create a sleek, stylish home.