How to Design a Breezy Entryway for Summertime

Your house’s entryway is the transition point between the outside world and your cozy home. In the winter, this is a place where you can shed your heavy jackets and boots. But in summer, the entryway should be breezy, light, and airy so you can easily fall into an ambiance of relaxation every time you step foot in your home. Here are some expert tips so you can design a breezy entryway perfect for summer. 

Use a Light Color Palette

To set a light and summery tone in your entryway, choose a color palette that reflects the breezy vibes of the season. This means swapping out dark, heavy shades for ones in light or neutral colors. Hues like whites, pastels, and soft blues create the perfect sense of openness and serenity. Plus, they reflect light easily, making your entryway feel larger and more spacious. 

If you can, change up the artwork on your walls to feature these lighter colors and switch out different accessory pieces and furniture to fit the summery aesthetic. Rugs, throw pillows, vases, and curtains are all key elements that help to maintain the cohesive and harmonious design of your breezy entryway. 

Embrace Natural Light

Maximize the natural light that seeps into your entryway to create the perfect summertime entryway. This is especially easy to do if you have a front door with glass panels. Add sheer curtains or blinds to let the light filter through while still offering some privacy. With natural light, you can create a light and airy atmosphere that uplifts the mood as soon as you get home each day. 

Introduce Plants and Greenery

Nothing says summertime like florals and greenery, so you can invite nature into your summertime entryway by adding some plants to the area. Place a hanging basket or potted planter near the entrance, immediately adding a touch of life and vibrancy as you step in the door. Not to mention, plants can add a nice and fresh fragrance to your entryway. 

Let in the Summer Breeze

Consider installing a screen door for the summertime to take advantage of the summer breeze and provide a nice airflow to your entryway. If this isn’t possible, you can place a decorative floor fan or install a ceiling fan to create the feeling of a gentle breeze that keeps the space cool on hot summer days. 

Add Refreshing Scents

Incorporating cool and refreshing scents for the summer will help enhance the sensory experience of your entryway. Try adding a diffuser or scented candles with herbal, floral, or citrus notes to nail the summery aroma. 

Make it Functional

Lastly, no matter the season, make sure your entryway is both well-designed and functional. Including practical furniture pieces like stylish coat racks or benches with hidden storage will help keep your entryway streamlined and tidy, making it feel even more breezy and airy rather than clunky and dull. All in all, this will add to the visual appeal of your entryway, but it also creates a sense of order and calm as you enter your home.