Ideas for Choosing and Displaying Artwork for Your Home

Does the décor in your home seem to be missing something? Does it somehow lack your personal own touch? Have you experimented with different pieces, color schemes and textures and still somehow find the décor lacking? Well, if the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ then it may come down to the artwork that you have chosen to display in your home. After all, there are few things that can pull a room together like the right artwork. You will want the art you display to reflect your sense of taste and at the same time complement the themes you choose for each room’s interior. This can be a bit intimidating. Therefore, we’d like to help you so that you can rise to the challenge of perfectly complementing your home with artwork.

  • Choose pieces that mean something to you: Don’t look at choosing and displaying as a way of filling empty space in your home. Instead, find pieces and artists who match your aesthetic values. Purchase and display these pieces and you will at least own artworks that reflects who you are.
  • Search for pieces that are the right size: Before you decide to display any piece of art, take the time to carefully measure where the piece will rest. Will there be enough wall space for paintings? Will you have enough floor space for sculptures, etc? In general, paintings and pictures should fill approximately two-thirds to three-quarters of any wall upon which they are hanging.
  • Don’t neglect the bedroom: Bedrooms are a place of relaxation and reflection. The artwork you hang there should demonstrate this. Try hanging pictures and photos that have soothing, themes, colors and tones.
  • Use works by the same artist: To really add a sense of cohesiveness to every room in your home, try finding an artist or group of artists who share a similar style.cesca chair
  • Center artwork at eye level: Orientation is important too. Since most people will be either sitting or standing when viewing your art, it is important to place art pieces at eye level.

Yes, the right artwork can completely tie a room together as few other objects can. They can brighten and liven up a room as well. Don’t be intimidated by the task of finding and displaying art in your home. Just remember that for each room there are specific techniques for choosing and displaying art. The wonderful thing about our site is that our Modern classic furniture pairs perfectly with all schools of art. So does the beautiful and timeless Cesca chair that well sell.

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