Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2021

The interior design trends for 2021 will perhaps be the most prominent and pertinent trends we’ve seen in a while. Though home decor trends change each year, many times they fly under the radar since they can be hard to implement — whether it’s due to time or necessity.

However, this past year has introduced us to the importance of having a space we love and enjoy — mostly since we never know how long we’ll be stuck in it.

Quarantine is a factor that has largely motivated the interior design trends of 2021. And, with lack of time no longer a factor for many of us, we have the feasibility to implement many of these trends in our homes.

Perhaps all of this is why a common thread among the trends to come in the new year is comfort. You’ll find all these styles lean on the concept of creating a super-cozy environment that’s not just pleasing to the eye, but ultimately functional.

Hues of Blue

Blue is back! And it’s been noted as 2021’s Color of the Year, both by premium painting company Benjamin Moore and by Etsy. Specifically, this goes for Sky Blue. Etsy found a 39% increase in searches for light blue/sky blue items in Q4 compared to last year.

Part of this is due to its calming effect. Another benefit is the fact that it’s reminiscent of the sky and ocean. It elicits feelings of tranquility and that’s something that has been much-needed in the anxiety-inducing year of 2020.

So, whether you opt for a powder blue accent wall, navy-colored cabinets, or armchairs upholstered in a sapphire fabric, you’re sure to take in some serene vibes from this fresh trend.


Nostalgia is in in 2021, and we can’t really blame people for it. Part of the desire to throwback to a “simpler time” might have to do with escapism, but another factor is just how cozy that design used to be.

Millennials are engaging in a new home decor trend that mixes modern vibes with the feel of being at grandma’s house. It invites in a lot of character pieces: plush armchairs in a traditional style and reclaimed wood furnishings.

The idea is to create a collection of items that look like they could’ve been thrifted — even if they’re high-end. It’s also about the kinds of pieces you feature throughout the house: wicker baskets, blanket ladders, and an overall timber aesthetic.

Retro Reminiscing

From makeup looks to music motifs, the 80s are back. Every element of our pop culture yearns for the colorful, eclectic theme of these groovy times. That’s why retro home decor is making a comeback as well.

This style is a mix of modern and contemporary furniture that consists of angular shapes, eye-catching earth tones like honey yellow and terracotta, and vintage accents like record players.

It’s a deviation from the cold and cool ultra-modern style of the mid 2000’s and a reintroduction of the warm and bright aesthetic that was the 1980s’ claim to fame.