LEM Stools: The Solution to Contemporary Bar Seating

Three types of Lapalma LEM Piston Stool

When you are going for a contemporary minimalist look, you can’t go wrong with LEM stools. Today’s efficient home demands multi-use furniture, and the LEM stools offer similar versatility. Other than the Fixed-Height LEM stool, they are powered by a simple gas-lift cylinder similar to those found at the salon.

The design was engineered by a married couple, Shin and Tomoko Azumi. Released in 2000 and inspired by the anti-gravity lightness of the 1969 Apollo Lunar Excursion Model landing, the chair has a minimalist and futuristic design. The idea was that the Apollo 11 was not able to bear unnecessary weight, and there is no reason a bar stool can’t offer the same lightweight but durable features.

Don’t let the utilitarian design fool you – these bar stools are very comfortable. The light seat back curvature provides sufficient support even without a full back. Furthermore, Lapalma LEM Piston Stools take versatility to the next level with a variety of finishes suitable to any kitchen.

The Lapalma LEM piston stool can be the main focus in your kitchen or a simple design element to blend into the background of the bigger statement made by your kitchen. You can choose from a wood, lacquer, laminate, metal, plastic, fabric or leather seat, as well as stainless steel or powder coated frames with 8 color options.

There are four main types of LEM stools available, but the adjustable bar stools are by far the most common.

Fixed Height LEM stool

There is no real mystery to the fixed height LEM stool. Like other LEM stool designs, the seat swivels smoothly, and its minimalist aesthetic is softened by rounded corners. These stools, like others in the product line, are highly customizable to make them the perfect addition to any kitchen. You can get fixed height Lapalma LEM stools in table, counter, and bar heights.

LEM Self-Returning Height Adjustable Stool

Adjustable stools are a great option for families or households made up of individuals of varying heights. When you want the stools to remain at bar height when not in use to maintain the aesthetic, getting a LEM Self-Returning Height adjustable Lapalma LEM piston stool makes it happen regardless of who is seated where.

LEM Adjustable Height Matte Chrome Stool

You’ll get the most versatility out of the LEM adjustable height matte chrome stool from Lapalma. The seats of these stools can be customized and come in a variety of colors. The adjustable mechanism seamlessly disappears into the slender design to maintain the contemporary aesthetic. It is a chromed gas lift for easy, smooth transitioning between heights.

LEM Adjustable Height Powder Coated Stool

This versatile Lapalma LEM piston stool is another great way to incorporate minimalist elegance to your home. Rather than the brilliance of polished chrome, these adjustable height LEM stools are offered in a powdered black or white matte finish. They also have a powder coated piston to blend in with the rest of the stool’s design.