Modernize Your Dining Room Design

With the 2018 holiday season among us, you may be thinking about sprucing up the design of your dining room – especially if you’re the host for this season’s family dinner. Gone are the days of traditional dining room decor. Instead, 2018 has taught us to be creative and innovative with our dining room design, mixing conventional with eclectic.

So, what are some ideas you can implement to bring your dining room up-to-date? Let’s start from the top down.

#1) Modernize Your Lighting

Sure, the traditional/tiered chandelier may give off a beautiful ornate look. However, that’s exactly what it is – ornate. If you’re looking to modernize your dining room, it’s time for a lighting upgrade. Shoot for a pendant light. Not only does this exude a more contemporary aesthetic, but it comes in countless styles. Pendant lights can be done in a simple and chic bulbous style, industrial with copper wiring/caging and Edison bulbs, or a sleek and minimalistic Japanese modern.

#2) Switch Up the Seating

Matching dining room chairs are so 2005. Get eccentric with some varied dining room seating that complements, yet contrasts, each other nicely. Either throw in some variously styled chairs or consider adding a bench to one end of the dining table and regular chairs to the other. This is an easy and fun way to change up your dining room’s decor.

#3) Accessorize

Mirrors, artwork, and stylish centerpieces are all must-have additions to your dining space. Consider also keeping place settings on your dining table at all times. A beautiful placemat and decorative flatware/china set will add elegance and give your dining room a true couture feel.

#4) Don’t Forget the Floors

Nothing accents a dining area better than a beautiful rug right underneath the dining table. A rug helps give your dining area more of a home-y and cozy feel. Without a rug, there’s not much separating your dining table from that at a restaurant. When you feel like your dining room is missing a finishing touch, add a rug to top it off!

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