Mudroom & Laundry Room Design Ideas

When it comes to a chore like laundry, having a pleasant space to do it in could make the task more enjoyable. More and more people are combining their laundry room and mudroom into one, making it a universal space to get clean.

As such, it’s nice to keep it looking clean, while also making it functional. There are a number of ways to style up this utilitarian part of your home.

Insert nice cabinetry

Opt for some stark white cabinetry to really give the room that fresh and clean feel. Not only can it brighten up this (often windowless) space, but it serves as excellent storage.

If you can build the cabinetry directly into the wall, this will up your home value in the future.

Add hideaways

It’s great to add some accessories that are easily tucked away to keep the space minimalist. This might include an ironing board cabinet, into which you can fold the board and unfold it when it’s needed.

This might also include a wall-mounted drying rack that can fold and unfold. Generally, the less clutter there is in this space, the more enjoyable it is.

Install a bench

Whether it’s for sitting while you fold or kicking off muddy boots, ensuring there’s a bench in your laundry room/mudroom is key. You can get a modern bench that doubles as a stylish ottoman, or have one built into the wall along with your cabinetry.

Give it a splash of color

The laundry room doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Give it a splash of color, whether by investing in a bright green or yellow utility mat, a colorful bench, or vibrantly patterned wallpaper.

The colors you choose don’t have to be subtle pastels like they often are in the rest of the home. Don’t be afraid to really ramp up vivid color scheme in this room.