Secrets to Mixing Together Home Décor Styles

Some people have very specific tastes when it comes to home décor styles. Other people have tastes that are shall we say a bit more eclectic. For the latter, it can sometimes be difficult to blend different home décor styles together without seeming to be a bit eccentric. Nevertheless, the wonderful thing about being an adult is that you get to choose how to decorate your abode to satisfy your tastes however varied they are. In order to help you simplify the process of mixing décor styles together, we present you with some secrets to making everything work together in harmony.

·         Choose a dominant style: Let’s say that you have a penchant for both Modern and Contemporary styles of furniture. Choose one of these styles to be the dominant theme in your décor and relegate the other to a lesser role.

·         Decide if you desire contrasting or complementing styles: If you desire to create harmony in your décor pick pieces that although they may belong to different styles are similar in design, color, etc. If you are looking to create contrast do so by mixing colors, sizes, etc.

  • Match shape and sizes together: Be sure that in seeking to create harmony among your pieces to match lines and shapes together. For example, pair Thonet furniture with furnishings that are similarly flowing in shape.

·         Seek to balance the available space: Make sure that the space you are decorating is equally distributed in terms of visual weight.

·         Keep the mood of each room consistent: Even if you choose to design your home using different styles, you should be sure that the furnishings in each room have a consistent mood. For example, if you are trying to create a tranquil space, be sure that items in that room reflect this.home decor

  • Use neutral tones wisely: Paint the walls in your home neutral tones such as beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray and shades of white. This will diffuse some of the competition between varying styles.

Hopefully these tips will make your choice to mix and match styles seem a bit less willy-nilly. We can appreciate people who have different tastes when it comes to home décor which is why our site has brought together so many different styles. So, even if you desire to match Mies van der rohe furniture with an entirely different designer or style, we can accommodate your tastes.