The Sunroom: A Perfect Escape From the Everyday

Sunroom in luxury home with wicker furniture

If you’ve been thinking about maximizing the use of your space, creating a sunroom might be just the move for you. They provide the perfect place to get that perfect dose of vitamin D, while relaxing in the comfort of an enclosed space. Sunbathing IN your home is the ultimate luxury. 

Even if you don’t reside in a place where the climate is often sunny, the daylight streaming through large windows is enough to make for a bright, cozy place to read or enjoy a cup of joe. The addition of a sunroom means leisure or entertaining without the concern of inclement weather.

Is a sunroom right for you?

Depending on the features you decide to include, the potential cost of adding a sunroom to your home can range from approximately $25,000-$45,000, on a traditional glass model. 

If you currently have a patio or a large outdoor space, turning it into an enclosed lounge should be fairly easy logistically. However, if you’re planning to convert some of your indoor space into a sunroom, costs will be significantly greater, depending on how much demolition needs to be done.

How to design a minimalist sunroom

Sunrooms should be built with the ability to retain warmth during the fall and winter months, as well as maintain a cool environment during spring and summer months. For this reason, many sunrooms are built with timber, brick, insulation and other materials to accompany the glass. Consider the size based on material and construction costs.

Your minimalist sunroom should be an open-plan area, with no doors or walls impeding the feel of the room. One or two key pieces of furniture such as a coffee table and sofa are all you will need to make the sunroom a perfect place of relaxation.

Minimalists typically go for clean lines and open spaces. Including a skylight in your blueprint will contribute to the overall airy feel of the room. If you want to bring a bit of the outdoors, inside, consider taller plants with wide leaves in one or two corners of the room. You want the added decor, but nothing to take away from the openness of the space.

Also, consider the orientation of your sunroom. If you are planning on using the room in the morning, it would be better for the room to face the south-east sun. If you are planning on some evening relaxation, the room should be open to the sun from the south-west.

If you are adding curtains to your sunroom, use a material that is very translucent and allows lots of light to pass through it. Dark, opaque curtains won’t do much to match the cozy, minimalist feel that you are going for. 

The best option, for maximum light, is to go completely sans curtains.

Other design ideas for a minimalist sunroom

Interior designers like Tamsin Johnson have shared their ideas for sunroom decor. If you’re looking to design your space with the minimalist in mind, here are a few tips:

  • Use a light colored flooring such as stone or tile, avoiding darkly colored carpet or rugs. 
  • Decorate with understated colors like cream, beige and white. Add some vibrant accents to the room with plants or unique pieces of furniture.
  • Make the room inviting with comfortable sofas, chaise lounges or other furniture. If you choose wicker or wooden chairs, be sure to accompany them with comfy cushions and pillows to achieve a feeling of serenity and solace.
  • Keep walls a light color, perhaps adding one focal point like a clock or a piece of artwork. Dark or busy walls would contrast to the light entering from outside, and create the opposite effect of comfort.
  • Consider the ottoman – a great example of modern, minimalist furniture that serves a purpose. Find an oversized footstool or rocking ottoman to create a space of relaxation.

A sunroom can be the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee before a busy day or curl up with a good book at any time of the day. Padding out your sunroom with calming, minimalist designs can take this relaxation to the next level as all members of the family flock to take their turn bathing in the sunlight.