Home Decor Ideas to Transform Your Start-Up Lobby

Are you beginning a small startup company like so many up-and-coming entrepreneurs are these days? Are you looking for home decor ideas for decorating your lobby that will set you apart from your competitors and at the same time show your unique sense of style to customers? If so, you might wish to consider furniture that would normally be associated with home décor and transport that to the lobby of your business. This will give your business a warmer, more intimate look to its guests. For example, an item such as a tulip table placed in your lobby instead of a sterile, glass top table will show your customers your sense of fashion and taste. Or an item such as a T201 Metro Fisso Dining Ozzio table in the conference or break room will achieve a similar effect.

When it comes to making a public space more intimate many Ozzio furniture are adjustable and extendable which means that you can make better use of what may be a limited space. For example, our T096 Mondial Convertible Coffee Table to Dining Table by Ozzio is perfect for start-ups owners who struggle with space issues but who also want to add flare and style to their offices. Decorating a start-up office is all about creating that warm, welcoming feeling to visitors while at the same time maintaining a professional environment for your employees.

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