Ultra-Modern Outdoor Decor for a Chic Backyard Hangout

Stunning interior modern design doesn’t have to end once you get to your backyard. A well-designed outdoor oasis is simple to create with the right pieces, and modern decor will transform your patio or backyard into a lavish relaxation area for you and your loved ones to enjoy time and time again. When looking to modernize your outdoor space, clean lines, originality, and elegance make a big difference, and these must-have looks will make your design seem effortless.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Seating

The best outdoor space is one that can cater to multiple guests, and the Elisa Outdoor Three-Seat Sofa is the perfect piece for anyone that plans to host parties outside. This contemporary sofa is the epitome of modern chic and will bring elegant indoor comfort and aesthetics to your outdoor space. Steel rods mixed with the shade of upholstery you choose will serve as the central gathering point during get-togethers or as your very own spacious outdoor retreat for a day of relaxation.   

Douse Your Outdoor Area in Comfort

Maximizing your outdoor space is all about amping up the comfort for either solo-time outdoors or for your gatherings. Adding key pieces of furniture to your exterior decor, such as coffee tables, end tables, and even a subtle bookcase, will all contribute to cozy vibes, and Herve’s Outdoor Chair and matching Ottoman will do just that and more. Other additions to consider are extra items that contribute to outdoor comforts like throw pillows, candles, and string lights. 

Pump up the Plant Life

Blending together greenery and modern decor creates a sense of future-forward harmony that relaxes, calms, and adds natural beauty to any space. A living wall is a fantastic way to merge plant life and artwork, but there are many ways to bring plants to your outdoor oasis that are also less work. Single and more minimalistic raised planter stands with plants such as succulents, snake plants, and other desert foliage add an envied ambiance that guests will be in awe over. Another consideration is acquiring a hanging easy to care for pothos plant that is stress-free, can be easily moved, and grows quickly in virtually any condition. 

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

One of the many joys of modern exterior design is the open canvas it provides to create new trends and determine different ways of styling outdoor areas. Modern doesn’t have to mean boring, and the key to capturing this unique design is making a clean, airy, uncluttered space with more natural materials. Using indoor concepts outdoors is a striking way to create a well-defined outdoor area that doesn’t skimp on modern ideas. For example, adding an outdoor wicker rug can add a homey vibe that you and any guests that visit will love. 

The combination of simplicity and natural textures make natural accents a great companion to modern decor. Think wood, steel, wicker, flora, greenery, and an earthy color palette when planning out furniture colors and accessories. If you have a large outdoor area that you are furnishing, adding in other pieces such as benches, chaise lounges, tables or stools won’t detract from the clean lines in your area but will create more dimension.