5 Common Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Our decorating knowledge stems from a variety of sources. Sometimes, it’s an intuitive gift we have. Other times, it’s from the years of perusing home improvement magazines at our dentist’s office.

Just because something strikes us as “trendy”, however, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a quality interior design choice. In fact, people make a variety of home decor faux pas each day, many of which might go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

Here are some of the most common decorating mistakes — and how to avoid them.

#1) Too many tabletop picture frames.

This is probably something you’ve noticed at your nana’s house. The end tables and any other vacant flat surfaces are scattered with picture frames, each featuring loved ones. While we certainly don’t suggest you toss all of these out, there’s a more design-friendly way to repurpose them.

The best way to display a collection of photos is with a gallery wall. In your entryway or in a hallway, display each treasured photo in a wall frame instead of a tabletop frame. This eliminates the clutter that tabletop frames create while concentrating all the memories and photos in one place.

#2) Too-small area rug.

It’s right in the name. An area rug should encompass, well, an area. So, what happens when an area rug appears to just be floating without purpose in the middle of a room? It looks extremely awkward. 

An area rug should touch, even just slightly, each of the objects surrounding it — be they ottomans or chairs. You could bring the furniture in to connect with your small rug, but this would likely create empty space around the edges of the room. So, instead, grab a tape measure and ensure you choose an area rug big enough to cover 70% of the space in that room.

#3) Over-simplifying.

It is possible to take minimalism too far. We could all downsize and de-clutter to some extent, but when should we stop? A little bit of aesthetic clutter can be appealing. A space should look lived-in, not like a sterile environment.

Lay some magazines out on the coffee table, drape a throw over your sofa, accent with some decorative cushions and pillows. In other words, get a little creative with the clutter! Just make sure it’s artful and complements the rest of your decor.

#4) Over-matching.

A little bit of an eclectic style can really spice up a room. Nobody wants a space that’s all-white or all-gray. Matching too much can make a room seem monotonous and boring.

Colorful pieces, particularly in easy-on-the-eye hues like earth tones or neutrals, can really make a room stand out.

#5) Choosing style over comfort.

Metal, skeletal chairs may look cool in magazines, but they don’t really do much for practicality. This does not mean you have to opt for a clunky recliner, just that comfort often trumps vogue.

Some upholstered, plush pieces can never hurt and will give your interior design a warm and inviting look. Seating shouldn’t be uncomfortable, it will hinder your guests’ ability to appreciate the decorative prowess of your home.