5 Retro Home Decor Trends That Are Making a Comeback

If you’re like most people, you find yourself thinking, “What year is it?” at least once a week. Being retro has never been so cool, and the trend is permeating the entire retail industry, including fashion and interior design. If you want to jump on the retro bandwagon, here are the top home décor trends you should choose from.

Home bars

Having a home bar is really popular now that people are trying to stay in instead of braving the big bad world. You can make a home bar by repurposing an old dresser, or you can go with a bar cart that rivals those of the 50s.

Today’s smaller homes and apartments may not have space for a real home bar, but you can still enjoy serving cocktails with a bar cart. The Tecta Console Cart gives you all of the convenience of a home bar on a console table, but with the ability to wheel it out of the way when not in use. A Marcel Breuer B54 Bar Cart is even smaller but can still handle enough weight to use as a temporary home bar.

Stainless steel is out – Brass is in

Brass was long ago pushed to the side in favor of stainless steel. Stainless steel shines and gives your kitchen an extra-clean look, but it can also make it look cold and uninviting. Try warming your spaces by going with brass and copper hardware on cabinets, faucets, and other hardware in your bathroom or kitchen.

Wicker furniture isn’t just for the patio

A soft, homey feel is the goal of many homeowners today, and wicker furniture is a great option. Not only is wicker furniture trendy and somewhat beautiful, wicker chairs are also very durable. In fact, when King Tut’s tomb was first opened in Egypt, a rattan wicker chair similar to the peacock chair was found strong and intact.

If you don’t like the traditional wicker furniture, you can opt for furniture that is a hybrid with a metal frame of interesting design with the rattan, wicker, or bamboo being used to weave the seat itself. The Mies Van der Rohe Cantilever Armchair is a stylish, contemporary example of this.


Straight out of the 70s, macrame is making a big comeback. Macrame is a method of creating textiles by knotting natural materials rather than weaving them. Macrame has long been out of style, but it is making a big comeback with retro interior design. Macrame is most often used for hanging plant holders, but you can also get (or make) macrame wall décor.

Mix-matching eclectic patterns and textures

Many people think the term “eclectic” means that anything goes. In reality, you still want all of your furnishings and décor to work well together, even if they are very different in pattern or texture. Today’s homes are starting to move away from matched furniture sets and get back down to basics with eclectic and vintage home décor.

One of the ways people are decorating their smaller living spaces is with layering textures. This gives you a homey, cozy look and feel to maximize the design use of your space. Try different combinations, like a macrame wall hanging, floral print rug, and bright, fuzzy pillows.