6 Tips for Starting your own Interior Design Business

Some of our customers have an interest in interior design that goes beyond decorating their own humble abodes. These people have a unique talent for interior design and a desire to share this gift with others. However, those who are interested in beginning their own interior design business should know that there are certain steps to take to help increase the chances that your dream will become a reality. By adhering to the following steps it may even become a profitable reality. Here are some tips for starting your own interior design business.

  • Get yourself a kick-ass website and a domain: This is a no brainer. As much as every business needs an attractive, functional and user friendly website in today’s Internet age, it is even more important that interior designers have this necessity. Your website should be search engine optimized, eye-catching most importantly filled with pictures of your work.
  • Do some first projects for free: An easy way to build a portfolio is to do some initial projects for free. This will not only help you build your portfolio it will also help you build a customer base.
  • Obtain a business license: You will want to keep everything legal by going to city hall and applying for a business license.
  • Start a blog and/or newsletter: A blog is a necessity for every business site. A newsletter will not only make you look more professional, it will also help you build a mailing list.LE CORBUSIER TABLE
  • Connect with suppliers, customers, and media outlets: Each of these sources will help you to build the connections that will help your business grow.
  • Use every opportunity to advertise your business: It is easy to dream; it is difficult to make dreams come true. Advertising is the life blood of any thriving business. Print up business cards, use auto-mailers, viral marketing etc., to get the word out about your business. You can’t have a booming business if no one knows about it but you.

In short, it takes more than talent to make your dream come true. It takes hard work and dedication such as the hard work and dedication that Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (Le Corbusier) used to create his works such as the Corbusier chair and the Le Corbusier table that we sell on our site. Stay focused and motivated and you may someday be the head of a thriving interior design business.