A Modern Classic Makeover with a Few Key Pieces

Are you enamored with several different furniture styles? Are you looking for a theme or a way to tie your eclectic collection of furniture together? Well, modern classic is probably the style you are looking for to bring some sense of unity to your living spaces. Small things, little changes can make such a difference to the larger picture. That is what is so great about experimenting with a style like modern classic (or mid-century modern as it is known by some people.) It’s a style that was coined in the mid 20th century and is characterized by clean simplicity and natural shapes and contours.

The style was so prominent at one time that it influenced architecture and urban development as well; crosbyhome-16a5c9c1it is even represented by the 6 bedroom home of the late Bing Crosby in Rancho Mirage California. Now, you can make simple changes to incrementally tie your mismatched pieces together by integrating into your home modern classic furniture pieces from Bauhaus 2 Your House. For example, try adding a tulip table to your dining room, You’ll love its extendable size and clean, naturalistic look. Or you can try one of several other pieces that reflect this style perfectly.

Yes, on the surface modern classic seems like an oxymoronic phrase but the right pieces added here and there throughout your home can create harmony from the dissonance of mismatched pieces of furniture. At Bauhaus 2 Your House we stand ready to provide you with pieces from this style that has been so very influential for many years.