Beachy Keen: Give Your Home a Seaside Vibe

Are you redecorating your beach vacation home? Or, maybe you just want to feel like you’re at the beach when you’re chilling in the city? Here are some tips to make your home feel like the ocean is just steps away, even if it’s not.

Keep it light & airy

If you close your eyes and imagine walking on the sand, what do you feel on your skin? The fresh ocean breeze and the salty air! Make sure your home is free from clutter and there is ample space between furnishings to allow for adequate air circulation.

You might consider installing a ceiling fan if you don’t already have one to add a breeze when the weather warms up. Make sure the windows are not blocked by furnishings. Consider lightweight fabrics for your window coverings to get as much light and air as possible into your home.

Furnish with light colors & wicker

The beach is all about soaking up that sun while keeping cool in the shade. Bright colors like wave cap whites, sandy tans, and watery blue-greens is an instant reminder of days at the beach.

Wicker furniture that’s easy to clean and cool on the skin is an obvious choice. How about serving iced tea to your parched guests on this classy tea trolley? After all, refreshment tastes better when served with style!

Include comfortable seating areas

What’s a day at the beach without a relaxing dinner, barbecue, or card game to close out the evening? Keep your family and guests at the table talking, relaxing and connecting with comfortable chairs that fit right into your beach decor.

These chic designer wicker chairs are just the thing to keep your loved ones chatting long into the night.

Implement a nautical theme

What do you like? Seashells, mermaids, nautical tools and symbols, ships in a bottle, fish, dolphins all scream “beach!” Choose a few symbolic things to pepper your space like wall hangings, throw pillows, statues or even dishware!

You’ll be surprised what you can find once you start looking for it. Be careful about overdoing it, though. You don’t want to go from a well-decorated space to a cluttered one!

If you have a collection of items you’d like to display, consider grouping them together on a wall or on a sideboard in the living room.

Have fun!

Your home is your sand-castle. If you find yourself feeling bored, anxious or listless in your space, take the time and attention to decorate it right. You’ll thank yourself later!