Beautiful Dining Room Design

There is a tendency in the interior design industry to over-discuss living room design. It makes sense, the living room is often the first part of your home that your visitors see, it’s where much entertaining—and well, living—takes place. But with the holiday season upon us, here at Bauhaus 2 Your House we’ve been thinking more about dinning room design. The holidays often become about sharing meals with your loved ones and meals are most often shared in the dining room.


Let’s say you took a stand and told our mother and mother-in-law that you’d be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. Brave. But now the pressure is on. If you’ve been putting off that kitchen redesign for years, now is the time to do it. Whether your family is large or small, you’ll want an impeccable dinning area that’s sure to impress even the pickiest of mothers. Don’t panic, it doesn’t have to be that hard, we’ve got you covered.

"modern classic furniture"

It only takes a few furniture swaps to make a world of difference in your dinning room. First of all, modern classic furniture is always a safe, yet beautiful, bet. You’ll end up with a clean, polished, timeless look that everyone is sure to love. You can switch out your tired old kitchen table for a classically beautiful Saarinen table. Mix up the look and choose a Bentwood chair to surround your new table. Have a breakfast bar that needs seating? We would suggest a couple of Midj barstools.


Just a few swaps and you’re almost there. You’ll want to pull everything together with a couple of bold accent pieces. For a kitchen, we would recommend keeping the color scheme clean and simple, but if you want a little pop the accent pieces are the perfect place to do it. And there you have it! A gorgeous dinning room that your mothers won’t be able to resist admiring. So hurry up and check out the Bauhaus 2 Your House website today to order your new dinning room pieces in time for the holidays.