Best Space-Saving Furniture

If you live in a small space or studio apartment, you require furniture that doesn’t take up too much space. Convertible/multi-tasking furniture has become a must for these kinds of spaces. Whether it be a Murphy bed or a futon, you’ll likely need to invest in at least one piece of furniture that serves multiple purposes, or can easily be contracted/expanded.

These pieces don’t have to stick out like sore thumbs, though. You can easily find space-saving furniture that is still modern, stylish, and tasteful. Below is a list of pieces you can’t go wrong with.

#1) Extendable Dining Table

Sure, most of the time you might just be feeding two. But, you never know when you’ll host a dinner party where you’ll need to seat 6-8 people. An extendable dining table is perfect for those occasions when you have dinner guests, or need a space that will double as a buffet table. Extendable dining tables can also serve as a desk space when contracted to their original form.

#2) Multi-Tasking Coffee Table

A coffee table is a staple for any home. After all, something needs to act as a buffer between your couch and your TV set, right? That being said, there’s no reason your coffee table shouldn’t be able to serve more than one purpose. A coffee table with a revolving table top (like our K8 Coffee Table by Tecta) provides both a surface for refreshments and a storage space in the base of the table. The best part about a table like this one? You can access the storage area underneath without having to disturb whatever is resting on the table top. Simply swoosh it around and done. Access anything you need like coasters, snacks, blankets, etc.

#3) Coat Rack Bench

When it comes to ingenuity, the coat rack bench tops the list. A bench with a coat rack attached is a perfect space-saver and decorative addition to any foyer/entryway. Providing a place to put on/take off your shoes and for guests to hang their coats, it is elegant, versatile, and extremely practical. Place a small shoe rack underneath and you’ve got a three-in-one. The Coat Rack Bench by GTV embodies this concept perfectly.