Caring for Your Leather Furniture

In terms of materials that can be used to upholster furniture; there are few fabrics that are more elegant yet at the same time durable as leather. However, the cost of this durability is a little effort on the part of the homeowner. Since we at Bauhaus2YourHouse know that you take great pride in the style and appearance of your furniture, we offer you some tips on preserving that Mies van der rohe furniture you’ve just bought or are contemplating buying.

  • Remove all debris: Using a vacuum and its attachments, carefully go over your sofa to remove large debris. Pay particular attention to creases and crevices as well. (Dust and other small particles can hide in these places and eventually scratch and damage your sofa’s upholstery.)
  • Dust the sofa: Use a microfiber duster to gently dust the entire sofa. Feather and microfiber dusters are less prone to scratching leather.
  • Prepare to apply a cleaner: Avoid harsh, commercial cleaners and instead keep your cleaning mixture simple. Use distilled water and a mild, neutral-pH non-detergent liquid soap instead. If you must use a commercial cleaner be sure that it is designed to clean leather specifically. Additionally, avoid using olive oil, saddle soap, or abrasive materials to clean your leather furniture. Finally, if you must use commercial leather cleaner, be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s directions before applying."Mies van der rohe furniture"
  • Test a small, inconspicuous area: You can never be too careful when cleaning leather. Pick a hidden spot on your sofa, chair, etc and try cleaning it before applying your cleaner to the entire piece.
  • Use a non-scratch cloth: Use a soft white microfiber or drop cloth to apply the cleaner. Working from the top to the bottom, gently clean your leather furniture.
  • Dry with a cloth: Make sure to completely dry your furniture after cleaning to avoid the formation of water spots.
  • Hire a professional: If you have any doubts as to whether you can clean your leather upholstered furniture without damaging it, consider hiring a professional to clean it for you.

Though your furnishings may receive many complements from friends, no one will ever appreciate your Mies van der Rohe Barcelona sofa, armchair, cocktail table or footstool more than you. Take all the precautions necessary to ensure that you will enjoy your leather-upholstered furniture for generations to come.