Coloring Up the Saarinen Tables

The prestigious Italian manufacturer Giovannetti has put a new twist on the modern classic Saarinen table. Using the cast aluminum base, these Italian craftsmen have painted them with a series of designer colors to give the Saarinen table an extreme contemporary look.

Designed in the last 1950s, the Saarinen table was a revolutionary design. Using a cast aluminum base and wood or stone top, the Saarinen table was part of the Pedestal Series. This series included a side chair, armchair, stools and a series of different sized tables. Today the Saarinen table is one of the most popular items from the modern classic period.

One of the most popular projects for our clients to undertake is buying a Saarinen table base and making their own creation similar to Giovannetti. They frequently use different sizes, materials and shapes for the tops of the Saarinen table, and occasionally paint the bases.