Creating Tasteful Clutter: How to Make a Stylish Mess

We’re always looking at ways to declutter and keep our homes organized. But, sometimes, clutter can be stylish, especially if you’re going for eclectic home decor. Sure, tossing out clothes on the chair or keeping the laundry out in the hallway isn’t stylish whatsoever. 

We’re talking about aesthetic clutter, the idea of organizing a “mess” with thoughtful pieces that look beautiful and bring personality into your home. 

Here are five easy ways to re-organize your clutter to make it look beautiful to help you get started. 

1. Choose High-Value Pieces

The core of eclectic style is to combine high-value pieces from different types, aesthetics, and time-frames. Use contemporary accents & accessories to achieve this look. Together, these pieces create a clutter that looks beautiful. Clutter that carries a story like antiques, souvenirs, or pieces with special meaning will naturally become more attractive because they value you. The same goes for artwork, so we don’t see a wall full of artwork pieces as clutter. 

2. Create a Tasteful Clutter With Books

Books are an easy way to create beautiful clutter. It gives any space that cozy, library-ish look and feel that’s even easy to update and change over. You can keep a cluster of books by a coffee table, over a side table, an accent chair, or a bookshelf to add some color and interest to your home. Try to be purposeful and pick books with bright covers, thoughtful meaning to you, and different styles, creating a unique cluster. 

3. Use One Wall as Focus

The best way to organize your clutter is to confine it to one space only. Pick a wall that will become your cluttered space. Usually, built-in bookshelves are perfect for making this statement. 

You can mix and match different elements like books, decor accessories, vases, candles, portraits, and much more. The best part is that the bookshelf itself will help you keep everything organized, despite looking a bit cluttered from afar. 

4. Group Similar Objects 

An easy trick to make your clutter look beautiful is to find a way to organize it. Think of items or objects that will go well together. For example, books and vases with candles can make pretty clusters of elements. A corner can group different plants. Photos and artwork can all coexist within the same wall and add a fun element. 

Be creative. Think about how you can place everyday items differently. For example, create a tower of colorful cushions by a corner for an extra touch of color. Or, hang different throws on a coat rack for a unique display. 

5. Use Organizers

Finally, clutter doesn’t have to equal a mess. Keep your clusters of items together with baskets, racks, shelves, and trays that can help you keep everything under control. A great idea is to use different organizers throughout the house to help you quickly keep your mess organized and looking fabulous. 

For example, use a staircase shelf to hang throws in the living room. Or, an open bookshelf by the living room to keep books, candles, and other decorative items you have around together. Floating shelves also work great to achieve the clustered-clutter look you see in home decor magazines.