Full Circle: Creating Softness with Round Home Decor

Wholeness, timelessness, peace, and comfort are positive attributes that we all want to integrate into our living spaces—surrounding ourselves with circular shapes ushers in a holistic and spiritual essence that represents vitality and helps us tap into a higher meaning of existence. Capturing this type of energy and making it a core part of your home will help create a holistic residence that is well-fitted for working, living, and relaxing as often as you may need. 

Why This Trend is Exploding

Calming designs that make the home environment conducive to long-haul existence has taken over current decor trends because of the soothing characteristics of round figures, and circular furniture also creates a spacious feeling both mentally and physically. The mid-century modern aesthetic, which consisted of crisp edges and straight lines met with well-constructed corners, has dominated home decor trends for over twenty years.

The next era of trend evolution has no other alternative besides organically shifting to rounded edges. In a time when being and working from home is more prominent than it’s been since the 1950s, holistic design trends that make inviting habitation areas are more than welcome.  

Circular Decor You’ll Love

Adding rounded or circular shapes to your home can be completed with ease. Statement pieces such as artwork, poufs, like the stylish and fun Terp Pouf by Artifort, or vases are a simple way to integrate circles into your daily living. If you choose to upgrade your furniture as part of your redesign process, a round dining table like the Eero Saarinen Tulip Table or circular wall hangings (like a round Bentwood mirror) will work well.

Another addition to consider is a round rug because it will visually open up space and can accentuate certain areas like a reading nook, dining, or entertainment corner.

Painted Wall Circles for Color Enhancement

If you find yourself growing increasingly attached to the circle’s unifying energy, try painting one on your wall. Doing so adds color, artistic flair, and a colorful focal point to any room. Behind a sofa or in a bedroom behind a headboard are a couple of locations to consider, but a painted circle also works well in hallways and other subtle places in the home. Wall decals will make the job a bit easier, and you’ll be able to create mash-up circular wall art or even add polka dots or other patterns very easily.  

Finishing Touches

In ancient Greece, the circle was recognized for its representation of balance and the divine, and this revered shape has inspired architects and engineers across the globe. This shape’s bold yet mysterious essence has also lived at the core of folk tales such as the fairy circle or current unsolved mysteries like crop circles. 

In modern design, rounded shapes bring a sense of completion and settled energy to the intimate living spaces where our true selves emerge. Adding a few finishing touches, such as year-round wreaths or round light fixtures to circular furniture, can be the perfect finishing touch for your living space and add enhanced joy, peace, and enlightenment to your daily existence.