Next Generation of Space Saving Console Tranformables

Ozzio of Italy has taken a large step forward in the development of space saving consoles that transform into dining tables.


Using their advanced aluminum telescopic mechanism for extending tables, the designers at Ozzio have developed what may be their greatest achievement to date.  In the Ozzio T021 A4 Console, the small footprint of of a console (just 14″ deep) is the basis for what can extend to a dining table capable of seating 10 people.  4 leaves stored under the Ozzio A4 Console vertically can be used to turn the console into 4 different sizes of dining tables, with the largest reaching over 105″.

tavolo_consolle_design_01Wheels at the base of the legs assist with extending the console making this a one person job.  The Ozzio A4 and other Ozzio transformable consoles are sure to be a hit in space limited metropolitan areas such as San Francisco, New York and Miami.