Live the Glamorous Life with Modern Classic Furniture

Classic films, much like modern classic furniture, are timeless. Think back to your favorite films of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and you’re sure to notice some common elements: The writing and timing are impeccable, the acting superb and the set design always chic and beautiful. Oh how awe-inspiring glamorous old Hollywood used to be.

blackcat6Sometimes the set design of a classic film takes center stage. I’d be willing to bet that when you think back to your favorite designs in your favorite classic movies, the design scheme is almost always some twist on modern classic. Maybe your favorite 1950’s classic is set in a sleek New York apartment with a chic Le Corbusier chaise lounge in the living room, an elegant Saarinen table in the kitchen and a perfectly placed Thonet chair in the bedroom. Just thinking about that imaginary apartment makes me smile. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a time-tested, chic and glamorous home?

Classic modern style is enduring. If you’re looking for a design scheme that will always be clean, beautiful and chic, classic modern is the way to go. The clean lines, exposed framing and simple yet interesting shapes of every piece are alluring and fascinating. At Bauhaus 2 Your House we have every classic piece you’ll need to implement your chic interior design plan. With a classic modern design you will always be the envy of your neighbors; but be careful, your friends just might start asking you to help them come up with the interior design plan for their homes.