Holiday Home Makeover: Festive Decor Ideas with Modern Flair

Rounding out the year with the festive holiday season, filling your home with festive decor is the best way to infuse holiday cheer into your everyday life. If you’re worried that you’ll lose your home’s curated aesthetic while decorating for the holidays, take a look at the following tips and suggestions to decorate with a modern and contemporary feel. 

Stick with a Neutral Palette

If you’re going for a modern or contemporary holiday decor look, you’ll want to stick with a neutral color palette that feels sleek and sophisticated. Even if you want to expand beyond neutrals like cream, gold, and white, select and maintain your chosen color palette throughout your decor items for a nice chic, and cohesive feel. 

Feel free to mix metallics like gold and silver for an incredibly modern look throughout your home that easily complements your existing decor and furniture. 

Minimalist Mantel

Aim for a clean and clutter-free mantel if you want a more modern and minimalist feel. You can showcase a few curated decorations, such as contemporary candle holders, a sleek garland, or a modern holiday sign. 

As your loved ones gather around the heart this holiday season, they will instantly feel a serene sense of coziness and calm while you enjoy a space that feels true to your preferred aesthetic. 

Thoughtful Ornaments and Tree Decorations

When it comes to decorating your tree, if you want a design-forward look, be thoughtful and selective about how you choose your ornaments. Selecting glass or metallic ornaments or ones with geometric patterns and shapes can be a great way to maintain a modern and clean design aesthetic. 

Be careful not to overcrowd your tree with too many ornaments, but don’t have it be too bare, either. You may also consider going with a monochromatic look for your tree decorating, matching all the bulbs and lights in a single color or hue. This creates a striking look that is quite contemporary as the main focal point of your living space. 

Nature-Inspired Decor

Another great way to maintain a modern and contemporary look with your holiday decor is to bring the outdoors in with decor elements inspired by nature. Aside from your tree, you may want to incorporate branches, pinecones, or other types of greenery and foliage to keep your space feeling fresh and grounded rather than being overwhelmed with decor. 

Contemporary Centerpiece

Especially if you’ll be doing any kind of entertaining this year, you’ll want to update your holiday table with a sleek and contemporary centerpiece. Consider a minimalist arrangement of candles, metallic votives, or flower arrangements as a focal point and conversation starter for your guests. 

Another great addition to your holiday table could be a showstopping table runner in an intricate design or geometric pattern. You could pair this with more simplistic candle holders or votives to not overwhelm your table, as well as minimalistic white table settings.