Home Décor Trends for Spring 2018

Someone once said that spring is one alarm that we would never push the snooze button on. The alarm is that summer is approaching but still not here. That is why it is a good time to look at spring trends in 2018 while the alarm is still sounding. Here are some spring décor ideas that we feel deserve your attention.

  • Embellishments: This spring embellishments are definitely in so get out those cushions, wall hangings, throws, rugs and other accessories to add flare to your home. Moreover, you can add to the distinctiveness of each room by adding different embellishments.
  • Jewel tones: Emerald green, sapphire, scarlet red are all colors that are making a strong comeback after the darker more subdued tones of winter. If you find these colors are too bold try softer colors that still herald the majesty of spring such as lilac and yellow.
  • Foliage: Vertical gardens are all the rage now. Additionally, they provide an easy way for you to bring springtime into your home. Try placing potted plants on your Tulip table to give your living or dining room a rustic look.
  • Herringbone: Using patterns and furniture that resemble the bones of a fish is huge this spring especially in the coastal regions of the country. Herringbone can be matched with plain wood or tile surfaces and even elegant marble flooring.
  • Gold: Gold and other metallic finishes are back this summer. Gold detailing can easily be added to objects like door knobs, hands, lamp bases, picture frames and even a Sapiens
  • Tropical motifs: Accessories with a tropical theme are the perfect complement to foliage in the home. Especially popular this spring is the use of vibrant pinks and blues to create schemes resembling a tropical paradise.
  • Gallery walls: Apart from plants and a few other items, there are few things that can really make the décor in a room pop as much as large artwork can.foliage

Finally, it’s not too late to bring your home into the patterns and trends of spring. If you’ve already begun to transform your home, then hopefully these ideas will give you further inspiration. We are sure you will find plenty of inspiration with the furnishings available on our site.