How to Create a Cozy Mid-Century Modern Home Office

With the latest rise in the number of people working from home, creating a cozy and productive office space is more important than ever. Even without the current global situation, there has been an uptick in remote work to the tune of 400% since 2010, according to research. 

Ergonomic solutions have become an important factor in home offices, as people are becoming more intentional about maintaining good posture and overall comfort when working from home. Finding a good chair is great for back support, but decorating your home office space for comfort is one of the best ways to support your mental health.

Essentials for a cozy home office

In terms of actual pieces and styles, here’s our lowdown on the essential furniture for a mid-century modern office.

  • A sleek desk that isn’t too over-the-top, but does fit a modern style. It would usually be a brown color, and might even fold away. Don’t be afraid to mix tones of wood – this is fine! Folding tables are especially useful if you are working with a smaller space, and don’t have a lot of room to play with in your home office. Also, your desk could be connected to some drawers or shelves to create a whole wall unit that gives you extra space.
  • No home office would be complete without an office chair. Mid-century modern office chairs are often equipped with wheels at the bottom for easy movement across hard flooring. Something to remember about mid-century style is that you can pair modern chairs with more traditional desks. It still looks great!
  • Closed storage units are key. Think more about drawers and cupboards rather than open plan shelving. This is because you are likely to own quite a few items of stationery that don’t quite match the mid-century modern theme you’re going for! Your plastic hole punch can be safely tucked away out of sight. Also, if you have a small space to work with, you can store more items in deeper cupboards than you could with shelving.
  • A classic lamp is the order of the day for any mid-century modern desk. To fit the theme of your office, the lamp should not be too extravagant, but definitely show some character. Think along the lines of an arc lamp – it is relatively understated but undoubtedly modern.

Other tips for your home office

If you are trying to brighten your space up on a budget, here are some of the things you could do to transform your working space into somewhere you are excited to get to work. 

  • Go green. Indoor plants are the perfect way to make your home office look more appealing! If your office is located in a very small space or a garage, plants are going to be important for keeping your morale up. Plants are actually shown to improve mood and reduce stress, as well as clean the air. Sounds like a great environment for a workstation!
  • Keep it neutral. Natural, woody colors like beige, brown and oak are probably going to be the main color of any mid-century home office. They are classy and calming colors, and are not going to make your workspace so vibrant that it gives you a headache.
  • Hang inspiring artwork. If you are passionate about any particular artwork, hanging it in your home office is going to get your day started on the right note. Imagine being met each morning with artwork or posters that inspire you – it’s enough to get anyone into a productive frame of mind. 
  • Maximize natural sunlight. If your home office does have a window, ensure that you don’t block any sunlight that enters the room. Building a large bookcase in front of a window is a surefire way to make your office space more dark and dull.