How to Create a Modern Home Cocktail Station

A beautiful and modern home cocktail station can be a fun addition to your home and a charming way to entertain guests. You will always have something on hand to offer friends and family, and keeping all the necessary items in one place is highly convenient when serving drinks. 

Another plus is the fresh addition to your home can act as a delightful piece of decor that adds extra appeal to any room. 

Choose the Right Setup

If you don’t want to make the investment into a full wet bar just yet, you can begin with a well-designed bar cart. For example, the high-quality Marcel Breuer B54 Cart brings a sleek touch of intrigue to any room. This cart model first appeared as a prototype in 1928, and by the 1930s the cart was being shown at places like the Salon des Artiste Decorateurs and Marcel Breuer’s “House for Sportsmen”. 

The unique three-wheeled cart design is in the collection at MOMA and is also displayed at Neue Galerie in New York City. Marcel Breur crafted it inspired by the durability and design of bicycles. This cart can impress any guest with its ingenuity. Another plus is that bar carts allow for quick transport from room to room for greater ease when serving.

If you do want to create a full bar, items like the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Sideboard can be an exceptional choice. This piece was designed by Charles Mackintosh for the country home of W.F. Basset-Lowke. It was finally created after his lifetime with an addition – the weeping rose, which is a motif beloved and used on other pieces by Mackintosh. 

The Art Nouveau inspiration and historical interest of this piece make for an excellent topic of conversation. Wall pieces like this sideboard can create an entertaining, bar-like experience in the home without ever going out.

Create a Seating Area

Make the space even more inviting by adding personal touches and interesting furniture. Contemporary armchairs bring an intimate feel to the area without being overly casual. 

For the most modern design effect, choose chairs with a more sleek and clean silhouette, but still comfortable enough for long conversations. Anything too large or soft, as seen in many living rooms, may not be the best fit for a typical bar.  

Add an accent rug that highlights your colors of choice to further tie in all of the design elements.  

Glassware Is Everything

Don’t forget to put thought into the bottles, shakers, and glassware that make up your cocktail station. They are also part of the visible decor that brings a finishing touch to the space. 

Choose quality items like crystal decanters and stainless steel mixers and tumblers. Beautiful glassware with unique designs or crafted with high-quality glass is just as important as the furniture pieces to complete the look.

When creating your modern at-home bar, select items that emphasize more contemporary design elements. Don’t forget that each piece can be used to tell a story and further create an appealing atmosphere for entertainment.