How to Make the Perfect Bed

Making the bed is an art form. And no, we’re not talking about the morning ritual where you just throw your comforter back over your sheets. We’re talking about really making a bed.

You know, the process of choosing the right comforter, sheet set, decorative shams, and headboard.

When done with a careful and considerate attention to detail, your bed can be just as much a decorative feature as an antique vase or designer wall hangings.

Step 1: Find the right bed frame.

To start, decide if you want a full blown bed frame (with headboard and footboard), or just a plain headboard. If you’re on a budget, the latter may be more affordable. Then, you can just accessorize the foot of your bed with an ottoman.

You’ll want to decide the bed frame ahead of time, as the bedding you choose will depend on it. Furthermore, you’ll want to decide on the material.

Are you going for an industrial look with a metal bed frame? A cozy look with a wooden bed frame? Or a modern look with an upholstered panel bed frame?

This will depend on the overall style you’re shooting for.

Step 2: Pick your bedding.

And don’t just pick any bedding – pick bedding that speaks to you. Duvet and sheet sets can be expensive, so pick a good-quality one that will last you for years and that you’ll want to use over and over.

Consider investing in linen or cotton bedding. Their crisp appearance makes for a timeless and airy look. They’re also hypoallergenic and extremely comfortable.

If you have a wooden bed frame and are shooting for a more classic look, you might consider a quilted set. This gives your bed a traditional, homey appearance.

Otherwise, opt for a nice plush duvet. No matter what, make sure to have a quilt or duvet to top off the look. You don’t want exposed sheets. It’s unhygienic and unappealing.

Step 3: Accessorize!

The best part. Now, you can pick what you would like to top off your bedding with. Decorative shams and throw pillows strategically placed at the top of the bed give it a plush, comfortable, and inviting look.

Don’t overdo it on the decorative pillows. This is a common mistake homeowners make when they see display beds at their local furniture store piled with 10+ pillows. Less is more.

You might also consider buying a decorative throw blanket to drape across the foot of the bed, or across a corner on the foot of the bed. If you want to add in a pop of color, particularly if you have monochromatic bedding (black, white, gray), a throw is the best way to do so.

Once you’ve decided on the kind of style you want for your bedroom, check out our designer bedroom furniture to make the whole look come to life.