Spruce Up Your Entryway

   (Photo Courtesy: “Entryway Makeover Reveal After” by Emily May is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

First impressions are important. That’s why you want the first glimpse of your home’s decor to be a favorable one. Most entryways consist of a shoe rack and a welcome mat. However, when given the opportunity to spruce up your entryway with some eye-catching designer pieces, you should take it.

What are some accessories/accents that can make your entryway all the more memorable and welcoming? To name a few:

#1) A Unique Coat Rack

Don’t just plop a standard coat rack beside your front door. Opt for something unforgettable. A coat rack bench is both practical, multi-faceted, and convenient. Guests can sit down while they put on/take off their shoes, and it adds a cozy feel to your entryway. A wall-mounted coat rack is a more minimalist approach, and an excellent space-saver for smaller apartments.

#2) A Stylish Mirror

We all love to primp and freshen up before we set foot outside the door, so having a nice mirror in the entryway helps us make sure we’re photo-ready before we step out. Large mirrors can be a bit tacky considering the compact nature of most entryways, but a small Bentwood Mirror is perfect for this purpose.

#3) An Umbrella Stand

If you live in a rainy city, an umbrella is a staple accessory. As such, it deserves a good home. Most people hang their umbrellas up on a coat hook, but a lovely umbrella stand is the ideal hospitable touch. The Carl Aubock Umbrella Stand is modern, decorative, and functional – acting almost as a vase for your favorite umbrella.

#4) Some Nice Artwork

There’s no fun in having a Plain Jane entryway. Add a touch of color with some inviting and homey artwork. The best entryway artwork is usually a landscape painting, or a floral portrait. It should also be small and unassuming. Entryway artwork sets the tone for the rest of your home’s overall decor and style, so pick a piece that gives off your home’s aspired vibe.

#5) A Small Bench

If you forego the coat rack bench, you should consider a small seating area of some sort. Put a small bench near your entryway and accessorize it with a couple of throw pillows and a stack of magazines. Place a shoe rack underneath, a wall-mounted coat rack overhead, and eliminate entryway clutter entirely.