2022 Interior Design: 4 Trends to Watch

Interior design in 2022 is likely to reveal a definitive shift in trends, many of which are due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With a rise in hybrid work and educational models, many families now desire spaces that can serve multiple purposes in their homes. 

Here are just a few of the best interior design trends to keep an eye on for 2022!

Multifunctional Spaces

While the dining room table has been notorious for becoming a catch-all for the family’s items, during the pandemic, many people found that the family room quickly became a space that needed to adapt to multiple purposes. What was once the family room now needs to be able to serve as an office, a gym, and an entertainment lounge. 

So how can you meet the changing needs of a space without compromising on design? Convertible furniture. Versatility is the name of the game. 

K8 convertible coffee table by Tecta.

Whether it’s a small coffee table that offers subtle seating underneath or a decorative potted plant that houses a cat’s litter box beneath, furnishings that have more than one function will be hot ticket items in 2022.

Minimalism to the Max

Minimalism has been popular for a few years now. In 2022, this interior design trend is not only going to continue, but will also (ironically) become bigger than ever. 

The sleek, airy, ultra-zen vibe of Scandinavian-meets-Japanese decor has become necessary. In light of COVID-19, people are clearing out the clutter for activities that now need to be done at home.

The result of all this purging and organizing is the creation of space – bare, empty, lovely space. Clutter is said to increase stress, so a side effect of decluttering the home is a reduction in stress and anxiety. That’s lovely, too!

Curves and Rounded Edges

Recent years have brought clean lines and sharp edges into homes everywhere. However, the interior design trends of 2022 are breaking free of such rigid form and structure. 

Look for furniture and home accessories to feature more organic, round shapes and soft designs, from living room lamps and sofas to headboards, ottomans, and accent tables. 

Softness emits a soothing, inviting energy and makes spaces feel more comfortable. Luscious round plush pillows and floor cushions will add the finishing touches to this 2022 interior design trend.

Delightful Art Deco

The Art Deco design trend seems to have incredible staying power. This beloved style waxes and wanes in popularity through the years but doesn’t ever really fall off-trend. 

Art Deco patterns are playful, cheery and fun, which is a breath of fresh air in a heavy emotional climate.

This design style trend focuses on boldness, modern functionality, elegance, and glamor all rolled into one. Art Deco utilizes jewel tones, geometric lines, and embellished curves. This latest resurgence can already be seen in new wallpaper patterns, gorgeous tiles, stunning bronze light fixtures, and more. 

Going forward into 2022, we will see these four interior design trends inspire simplicity, function, fun, and comfort.