Embracing Maximalism in Interior Design

Vintage black poufs in trendy eclectic living room interior with brown couch

Minimalism has been dominating the interior design world for years. However, even though a sparse, minimal style appeals to many people, the next big thing has come around, and it swings the pendulum in the opposite direction.

Maximalist interior design is now sweeping the interior design landscape with bold colors and an emphasis on personal style and comfort. 

What Is Maximalism?

Maximalism doesn’t embrace white walls and a lack of furnishing the way minimalism does. Instead, maximalism is all about embracing textures, styles, and furnishings that showcase your style and taste while prioritizing your comfort. 

When it comes to maximalism, the brighter and bolder the style, the better. Mix modern furniture with classic keepsakes using the maximalist style, and there is an “anything goes” attitude. 

How to Express Yourself Using Maximalism

Designing your space with a maximalist flair means embracing diversity and your style. You can mix and match textures, colors, and patterns to your heart’s content, with an emphasis on comfort. 

There’s no right or wrong way to embrace maximalist design, but there are some guidelines available to help you get started, including:

Use Plenty of Color, Textures, and Patterns

The foundation of maximalist design is color. Maximalist design often starts with a basic color pallet and then builds from there with pops of color. Oftentimes, people go with dark colors like black or navy for their walls. You can also select from eclectic designer brands like Artifort or Giovannetti.

Fill Your Space with Artwork

A wall of art is perfectly at home in a maximalist space. You can fill it up completely with small prints or large blown-up photos. The key here is to forget all previous rules about organizing your artwork and create a personalized look based on your taste instead. 

Only Add Decor You Connect with Personally

Though maximalist design calls for lots of color, textures, and knick-knacks, it’s important not to overcrowd your space. Only include pieces you connect with personally and that suit your unique taste. 

Prioritize Comfort

Above all else, maximalist design is all about comfort. Go with unique and cozy furniture that makes your home the perfect place to kick your feet up and enjoy some R&R.

Don’t Shy Away from Books

Books are perfect for a maximalist design. While other design styles limit the number of books you should display, maximalism tells you to go for it and put them all out there for everyone to admire. 

Personalize Your Space and Forgo Perfection

Maximalism isn’t about perfection; it’s about your personal style and taste. In fact, perfection isn’t encouraged in maximalism. Instead, unmatched furnishings and decorations can add a playful and creative feel to your space, perfect for a maximalist design. 

Blend Styles Like Modern and Boho

Modern and boho styles are ideal for a maximalist design because they prioritize beauty. If you love colorful patterns and print fabric, you’ll likely adore the maximalist style. 

Add Lots of Small Accessories (Statuettes, Trinkets, and Knick Knacks)

Fill up your maximalist space with fun and playful knick-knacks and tchotchkes to give it a creative and youthful vibe.

Maximalism doesn’t have any hard rules, and the design encourages you to be yourself. Focus on color and don’t feel like everything needs to match. The more diversity in your maximalist style, the more you can showcase your unique taste.