5 Ways to Create Cozy Nooks in Small Spaces

Small spaces don’t have to feel cramped, cluttered, or claustrophobic. Instead, they can be cozy, custom, and comfortable. But how do you make the switch? Is it a matter of improving your mentality? Or are there practical steps you can take to make the space more welcoming?

We recommend that you start by embracing your small space and all it has to offer. You may not have a wide-open floor plan and floor-to-ceiling windows, but you can make your space inviting in its own way.

Start by incorporating a cozy nook. It’s easier than it sounds! Try one or more of these five tips and you’ll find yourself enjoying the space more and more. 

1. Add a Cushion to Your Window Sill

Do you have a large window sill that’s just waiting to be turned into a cozy bench? Stop dreaming about the potential and make it happen! You can create a customized cushion or add a few throw pillows and call it a day. Either way, it will be your new favorite reading spot. 

2. Use Your Under-the-Stairs Space

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this tip will speak to you. With a bit of demolition and construction, you can remove the wall from under the stairs and carve out a comfortable new space. If there’s room, we recommend a modern lounge chair and ottoman. Otherwise, a floor cushion and some blankets will do nicely. 

3. Transform Your Closet

Turn your guest room closet into a room of its own. After you’ve removed the closet doors, all that’s left is a little sprucing up. We recommend a fun paint color for the interior of the closet-turned-nook. 

And if you have room for a desk, it could be a great way to make the nook a little more functional as well. No matter what direction you go, some comfortable seating never hurts. 

4. Add Built-In Benches to Your Kitchen Table

What’s the difference between a cozy breakfast nook and a standard kitchen table? Built-in benches. Not only is this idea easy and trendy, but it’s an excellent use of space as well. 

5. Consider a Pet Nook

Don’t leave your furry friend out of the fun. Give Milo his own kitchen nook by removing the doors and shelves of a section of cabinetry. Add a pet bed, some toys, and a cozy blanket to make the space really feel like home. 

How to Get Started with Your Project

Before you jump into a DIY project, give the upgrade plenty of thought. A nook for your child will require much less space than a nook for your spouse. So start by deciding who will use the space. 

From there, we recommend that you have fun with the details! A fun coat of paint, a cozy chair, or a conveniently placed desk will make the space functional and delightful. And if you have room for a small bookcase or shelf, go for it. The more resources you have at hand, the less often you’ll have to leave your new nook.