4 Rattan Furniture Pieces Perfect for the Summer

Rattan furniture has become widely popular for its timeless charm and natural look that evokes the warmth and glow of summer. Originating in Southeast Asia, rattan furniture now has global appeal and is favored for its versatility and unique characteristics. 

If you’re looking to spruce up your home this time of year, you may want to consider the following pieces of rattan furniture to add effortless beauty to your interior or exterior spaces.

SZ 01 Rattan Easy Chair

A contemporary classic choice for rattan furniture, the SZ 01 Rattan Easy Chair by Spectrum Design was designed in 1960 by Martin Visser. Though it has a minimalist design, the sturdy construction, and pure material use are the standard in Visser’s work. 

The armchair is made in The Netherlands by Spectrum Design and has a slim tubular frame available in either a matte chrome or powder-coated black finish. But, the woven rattan seat, back, and arms steal the show. 

Puk SZ 19 Armchair

Made in The Netherlands, the Puk SZ 19 Armchair is a playful piece of furniture that was designed by Kiki van Eijk. She was inspired by Martin Visser’s rattan armchair SZ 01 but made her version more rounded. 

The chair features an industrial design including a tubular steel frame and a woven rattan seat made from pit cane. The metal tubing is available in three different colors–black, blue, or taupe–making it a versatile design that can match nearly any home’s aesthetic. 

The pit cane weaving is only done by local, specialized professionals, making this chair a true handcrafted beauty. The straw will discolor naturally over time as it’s exposed to light, though this creates depth and intrigue that brings the piece to life. 

Liba Chair

Bring the feeling of the outdoors in with the Liba Chair by Driade. It was designed by Czech architect Borek Sipek and crafted in Italy. Sipek was a natural craftsman and artist, finding a lot of potential in natural materials like rattan and cane. He used his creativity to shape these materials to perfection with the Liba Chair. 

This chair features a seat made out of red and black natural cane in addition to solid ebonized wooden front legs. 

You will notice unusual and sensual patterns in this piece of furniture, a style that Sipek was known for and that makes his pieces so appealing. This sculpture-like chair mixes both cubism and baroque style resulting in a piece of furniture that anyone would enjoy having in their home. 

Pavo Real Armchair

The Pavo Real Armchair by Driade was designed by Patricia Urquiola, a Spanish architect and industrial designer. Her incredible design was birthed out of a fascination with the large rattan and cane armchairs that are popular in Southeast Asia. 

The graceful geometry of this chair makes it so visually stunning, in addition to the intricate braids and patterns that are featured throughout the design. 

Crafted in Italy, this chair is made from painted steel and is covered in brown cane, also featuring a black leather seat cushion.