5 Stylish Bedroom Color Schemes to Consider

Interior design: Big modern Bedroom

While living room and kitchen color schemes often get a lot of the attention, the look of your bedroom really helps tie the entire home together. However, a lot of details need to be considered. The tones of your furniture and the shades of your bedding and walls can create a completely feel depending on your choices.

Are looking to feel more relaxed, more energized, or are you looking for something with a romantic mood? One of the easiest ways to change the whole room is by simply changing your color scheme!

Neutrals & Relaxing Tones

Neutrals like beige, gray, and white can make a room feel organized and put-together. If you’re looking for something that reflects natural light and is instantly calming, you can choose a neutral base to build off. 

However, if you’re looking for something calming with a pop of color, try choosing a deep blue or cool-toned paint to bring a point of interest to an otherwise neutral room. If you want to avoid the hassle of painting, you can begin your change with new pillows and accessories like bedspreads with calming hues. 

Navy, Gold, & Gray

If you are a fan of deep and classic colors like gray and navy, you can bring new life to your bedroom with pops of gold. Rich colors make small, easy-to-find details like gold bed frames, gold lamps, or gold photo frames really stand out. 

Traditional colors look more modern while creating a new focal point. If you are an art-lover with many paintings or photos you’d love to be shown off on your walls, this may be the perfect color scheme for you. 

Blush & Pale Blue

If you’re looking for something with a bit of sweetness, pastel tones are the perfect go-to. This color combination is feminine and romantic, but can also look very elegant. To keep your bedroom from looking too much like a cupcake, choose one or two areas for your splashes of color. 

Give your walls a fresh layer of blush or baby blue paint while keeping your bed simple, or add new pastel throw pillows and a matching blanket to tie in the new colors together. Don’t forget to keep your art consistent with the new look. 

Slate & Beige

Slate blue makes a stunning wall color for the right kind of room. If you have tall ceilings or a lot of space, this soothing color can illuminate the space and create a very modern look. If you have crown molding, it will especially pop against the contrast and make the room feel even more refined. 

We suggest including beige accessories like rugs, pillows, and chairs to counteract the other focal points. 

Rust & Denim

If you’re a vintage lover, then you’ll love the look you can get with retro colors like rust and denim. Choose a feature wall painted in a rust or denim hue, or even paint all fours walls denim and add a rust-colored bed frame.

This is the perfect color scheme for people with lots of old-school band posters or artwork they want to show off in a unique way. You can use touches of neutrals like champagne or beige to keep the room more elevated.