Picking the Perfect Couch: A Guide for Contemporary Furniture Enthusiasts

Stylish modern, art nouveau, comfortable sofas with cushions, settees and couches displayed for sale in the model of a living room interior in an upholstered furniture store. Home design concept

The couch you choose will set the tone for the room and will become a centerpiece for family and friends to gather on a long-term basis. It is far easier to decide on a couch that you adore and adjust it to the surrounding area than to do the inverse. Therefore, choosing the perfect piece is one of the most important furniture purchases you’ll ever make. 

What makes the perfect couch? Is it the color, style, size, or originality? The answer is truly different for everyone, but there are some common factors that most consumers are searching for. The perfect fit most often consists of the best comfort, aesthetic, and functionality in your living space. These three key areas will determine the overall value of your couch for years to come.

Always remember to take your time when choosing your new couch. Rushed decisions can result in a domino effect with the rest of the decor and make the set up of your living space disharmonious. Deciding on a couch should be a well thought out decision that reflects your unique lifestyle. 

Before you invest in such an integral piece of furniture, make sure to reference our guide below to ensure you’ll end up satisfied with your purchase. 

What to Consider

There are four main areas to examine before buying your next couch. Once you’re clear on these topics, you can be even more confident in your purchase.


The first factor to review is the size and shape of your living area. Is it small, large, narrow, square, or with any sloped edges? The size and form of your couch should reflect the space. A couch that is too large or small will not only knock off the proportions of the area, but it may reduce the space you have to do the activities you and your loved ones enjoy. 

The size of your space will also have an impact on how you orient your couch. If you’re planning on displaying it in the center of the room, you will need a different style and size of sofa than if you want something that stays near the walls. Always reflect on how the room, sofa, and your goals fit together before finalizing your decision. 


Your piece needs to be comfortable enough to fulfill your personal needs. Do you spend extensive time on the couch while watching television or reading? Do you have pets, children, elderly family, or a high frequency of visitors? Will guests be sleeping overnight? Do you prefer formal gatherings? 

These types of questions all need to be taken into account when deciding on your couch model. Your sofa will need to fit in with your personal day-to-day life.


The general look of your couch is also crucial. The style of your sofa will influence all the colors and decor in the room. It sets the tone for the area in both its form and proportions. Do you want a sofa that stands out and makes a statement, or do you want something that is more geared towards comfort and blending in? 

Think about if you are willing to redecorate the space to fit your new couch, or if you would prefer to find something that already fits in with the existing decor.


Another important point of consideration is the cost. Are you looking for an head-turning piece that will create a certain mood for your space, or something casual for you and your loved ones to relax? These factors will impact the price of your couch. 

There are both upscale and midrange options that cater more to style or comfort, but you need to be sure of your priorities and budget before you begin your search.

How to Choose the Right Couch

Now that you have a greater idea of what you want, it’s time to really dig into the details about what perfectly suits your room. 

Measure Your Space

To best enjoy your new sofa and living area, you must first correctly measure your space to ensure what type of piece will be the most harmonious. If you choose a sofa that is too big or too small, it may throw off the entire design aesthetic you are working towards. 

One of the best ways to mitigate this problem is to remember the two-thirds rule. Simply choose a couch that is roughly two thirds the length of the walls in your living space or the wall that is closest to the piece. 

When in doubt, you may want to round up to a larger size in order to best suit the highest number of visitors to your home. If your piece is primarily decorative or is being used as an accent sofa, then rounding to a smaller size may be the better choice. 

Choose Your Personal Style

You’ll also want to consider the style family you’d like your couch to belong to. While some people prefer more classical items, modern classics and contemporary items are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and trendy appearance. 

Contemporary designs are crafted in both small and grand sizes and can give a refreshing look to your living space without sacrificing the comfort of traditional couches. 

Remember the Color Palette

Don’t forget to reevaluate the color scheme in the room before finalizing your decision about a couch. Even if the colors in the couch and room decor seem similar, you’ll want to ensure they have the same undertones, otherwise the piece may look out of place in the room. 

Look at what the color in your living space looks like at each time of day. Sunlight and your overhead lights may change the tones. If you want your couch or details in your room to pop, play up the contrast in the undertones of the pieces. Undertones are just as important as the overall color. A dark bold wallpaper or color will stand out if the undertones of the couch are matching. 

Learn About Couch Types

To pick the perfect couch for your space, you need to familiarize yourself with the main couch subtypes that are popular on the market. 

For example, loveseats are perfect for couples or small spaces. Traditionally, most couches have three cushions and seat at least three people. Loveseats are designed to seat two and generally measure from 50-72 inches long. 

Traditional three seater couches are ideal for people with large families or frequent guests. If you want a couch that can fold into a bed, you’re more likely to find it in the traditional couch options. You’ll just need to be sure that you have the space to suit the 70-87 inches in length.

You may even opt for something like a sectional sofa. These couches typically consist of two or more joined sections. This option is great if you’re looking for a power recliner seat alongside a stationary seat, or other unique configurations. Sectional pieces allow you to personalize your level of comfort. However, you will want to ensure you have the space for the length as they generally reach over 100 inches in length. 

Know Its Purpose

Determine exactly how a couch will function in the room of your choice. While people most commonly use sofas in their living rooms, they can also serve as beautiful and useful accessories in master suites and large closets or bathrooms. 

If you are searching for an additional couch for your master room, a chaise lounge or loveseat may be the perfect fit in both size and design. A small decorative sofa can be perfect for a large walk-in closet. To create a comfortable hang out spot for the living room, you may want to consider a sectional or L-shaped couch. 

Best Couches for Modernists

If you’re searching for an elegant couch that is both functional and comfortable, then choosing a modernist design may be the ideal fit for you.

For the Family

Families who want to curl up for a film, but regain a sophisticated look during the day will adore the Le Corbusier Grand Confort. Le Corbusier is an esteemed leader in architectural modernism and art. This piece first appeared in the early 1920s as part of his collection “Equipment for the Home.” The three tailored cushions seat an average sized family while remaining sleek and refined alongside the chromed frame. 

For a Stylish Studio

A polished looking studio needs an equally stylish sofa. The Bras Sofa by Artifort is not only comfortable, but it gives an immediate upscale and artistic feel to any room. For a studio with a little more space, the timeless Artifort Lex Corner Sofa is ergonomically designed with an abundance of sitting space. You can also choose between a matching chair, a 2 seat model, and a 2.5 seat model depending on your needs.

For a Lounge or Recreation Room 

A room designated for fun and relaxation needs an equally inspiring couch. The widely celebrated Giovannetti crafted the Le Nuvole Sofa as a decorative delight to any room. Modeled after the beauty and whimsy of clouds, this sofa will bring intrigue and happiness to anyone who enters your recreation room.