6 Nifty Home Décor Hacks

There are hacks in nearly every area of life that you can imagine. These “life hacks” are nifty little secrets, or shortcuts that simplify life and make things easier in this increasingly complex world. For example, life hacks are plentiful in the field of interior design. These shortcuts are utilized not just by budget conscious home or apartment owners but by top interior decorators as well. Here are a few of our favorite home décor hacks that may help you to better utilize your space in a new and trendy way.


  • Use an old rhinestone necklace to make curtain tiebacks for your home. This can give your windows a classy, bohemian look.
  • Use rope to hang curtains: Add a rustic look to your window setting by threading old rope through your curtains. Rope can also be used to hang mirrors, etc.
  • Paint the side of the door: Bright colors can add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise staid looking part of your home. Painting only the side of your door will allow you to make a subtle change to your home since the colors will only be visible while the door is ajar.
  • Use a window as a headboard: In order to add height and softness to your room, place the head of your bed in front of a window.
  • Make a glitter lamp: Why buy expensive light fixtures when you can DIY an old lampshade. Add glitter to the inside of it in order to create a very cool visual effect. Similarly, you can also punch small holes in the shape of various patterns in a lampshade to create a beautiful design/light effect.
  • Half-paint your walls: For people who live in small spaces, this gives their apartment the illusion of having higher ceilings.


In short, why make things overly complicated when it comes to decorating and living in your home. Utilize the thinking that goes into modernist pieces like Midj furniture and make the most out of your living space. Adorn your apartment with pieces like Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chairs, tables and daybeds that also fit into the idea that furnishings can be simply elegant.