Achieve Eclectic Interior Design with Giovannetti Furniture

If you want to create a remarkable, eclectic space that impresses every visitor, you definitely want to consider incorporating one-of-a-kind pieces from Giovannetti into your home.  

A Bold and Unforgettable Aesthetic 

It may sound like a difficult task to combine elegance and fun, but that is what makes Giovannetti’s furniture so well known. Choose from items that are neon green, fluorescent orange, or a deep violet and still communicate sophistication, or items with a classic color that gives a funky edge. 

With Giovannetti, you can purchase playful items and still expect high-end craftsmanship. Certain artistic pieces of furniture may seem more like fixed objects you can only enjoy looking at, but Giovannetti’s items are also extremely comfortable for everyday use. 

The History of Giovannetti Furniture

Giovannetti Collezioni was created in 1965 in Pistoia, Tuscany. The founder, Benito Giovannetti, wanted to combine the superior quality and refinement of Italian craftsmanship with flamboyant elements of design. He is well known for his high-profile collaboration partners, such as Roberto Tapinassi and Superstudio. 

However, the brand is most famous for Anfibio (1970), known as a unique blend between a sofa and a bed that sold thousands of models and has been exhibited in 13 museums worldwide. His products are so beloved that they have also won 6 prestigious design awards to date. Having a piece by Giovannetti in your home is to have something truly iconic. 

Choose from Popular Pieces 

Giovannetti has many renowned designs — particularly in the seating and lounging department. Here are just a few notable pieces.

Moss Arm Chair

The Moss Armchair has a classic white exterior paired with a fun, colorful interior that peeks through. It is inspired by the shapes found in nature and pairs perfectly with any outdoor space, especially by a pool, since it’s resistant to weather and UV light. 

Ancella Chair

Decorate your bedroom or closet with the functional yet elegant Ancella Chair. This piece was crafted for Giovannetti by the Italian designer Mauro Lovi in the early 90s. The chair’s backing resembles a clothing hanger, which is sure to please any fashion enthusiasts who visit your home. 

Anemone Lounge Chair

Perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces, the Anemone Lounge Chair is an unforgettable piece designed by Giancarlo Zema for Giovannetti. It was first displayed at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2011 and hasn’t left the mind and imaginations of creators ever since. This work, as you may have guessed, is inspired by a sea anemone. The elastic fabric is bright and entrancing, while the form is comfortable and all-encompassing. Everyone will want to take a turn sitting in this lounge chair.

Superstar Sofa

The Superstar Sofa is inspired by the furniture style called Capitonne, which dates back to the early 1800s. Traditionally, this sofa style was crafted by using a series of tufted squares and upholstery. In this Giovannetti work, the upholstery is only slightly tufted and is further emboldened with steel buttons. This creates a novel effect between the modern and classical elements.

Flower Lounge Chair

Furniture that mimics nature has a universal appeal. The Flower Lounge Chair by Sandro Santantonio for Giovannetti reflects this truth. This organic design is a reimagined flower petal. Not only is it comfortable, but it creates a bold, yet calming atmosphere in any room. It would work perfectly not only in a home but in commercial spaces as well. Underneath the soft-looking exterior, there is strong hidden steel. This gives a delicate, flowery look to this durable piece. 

By buying Giovannetti’s pieces, not only will you be bringing a hint of joy to everyone who visits your home, but you’ll be able to keep a high-end aesthetic with pieces that are also practical for daily life.