4 Eclectic Pieces for an Ultra-Modern Study

Many people who found themselves working from home at the height of the pandemic were not really prepared. It is probable that, when faced with this additional use of your space, you have to carve out a work area among rooms with other functions like your living room, dining room, family room, or bedroom. 

When it all seemed temporary, you probably didn’t worry much about setting up a real office or study space. But if you, like millions of others, have decided to continue working and learning on a remote basis, you should really consider planning and furnishing a true modern study.

If you have an eclectic ultra-modern style already working for you in a room, it is fairly easy to move some things around to insert a study area. In light of the increase in such arrangements, many new furniture designs have been developed to take up little space while still being an effective work area.

Whether your study will be tucked away in a small room or part of another larger space, use these four eclectic furniture pieces to create your ultra-modern study.

Wilhelm Wagenfeld desk lamp

A desk lamp is a must when you are setting up a study in your home. If you are studying or working in this space, you will need a lamp on occasion. Straining your eyes in a dim work area can give you headaches and decrease productivity. 

Wilhelm Wagenfeld desk lamps are a simplistic but futuristic design that shed plenty of light without seeming intrusive. The simple white, silver, or art deco shades with a thin metal support flaring out to a wider base. There are both desk lamp and floor lamp options, so you can choose the best lighting for your purposes.

Sapiens bookcase

The Sapiens bookcase from Bruno Rainaldi is an ingenious way to cram as many books as possible into a small space. These bookcases feature a one column vertical shelf for your books. These tall bookcases accommodate a much larger number of books than you could store with traditional bookcases. They can be tucked into corners or placed around your modern desk for easy access. 

 K2 Desk by Tecta

The ultra-modern interior design style is all about simplicity combined with clean lines and less traditional materials. This bears out with the K2 Desk by Tecta. The desk is of the perfect height for good posture, with a slim but functional design that allows for unmatched versatility. The desk doesn’t offer any shelves or cubbies, making it easy to keep only your current task in front of you to help focus.

Raff Swivel Chair by Midj

If the K2 Desk seems a little too basic, dress it up with some flare with this Raff Swivel chair by Midj. The chair has a stable 5 caster adjustable base that will not tip easily, making it safer for spaces shared with small children. The swivel feature is just like the executive chairs we all dreamed of spinning as a child, and the interesting design of the seat topped with a brightly colored layer of fabric or leather.