Bring the Outdoors In with Rattan Décor

Rattan furniture designs have long been used for outdoor decks and patios. It’s durability and resistance to the elements makes rattan a choice material for accent chairs, baskets, and tables for your exterior décor. The weaving process that is used to make rattan furniture increases its durability. In fact, a rattan wicker chair in pristine condition was found in King Tut’s tomb.

But new interior design styles are bringing the outdoors in. One of the ways you can do that is by furnishing the interiors of your home with comfortable and stylish rattan wicker. Natural textiles, renewable resources, and eco-friendly manufacturing processes are now big factors in choosing furniture and décor. The process of making rattan wicker has never changed, and it is the easiest place to start.

Here are some other ways you can use rattan in your home décor.

Rattan accent chairs

Rattan accent chairs are a great way to provide some additional seating that works in any room’s décor as needed. Chairs like Martin Visser SE 05 Chair by Spectrum Design are easily stacked and stored in a closet or corner until needed. You can also use these chairs in your dining room.

Another option are wicker accent chairs like Pavo Real Armchair by Driade. Most people think that wicker is just another term for rattan, but in truth wicker is the weaving process used to craft the furniture. These accent chairs are stately, comfortable, and give your room a unique flair.

Layering natural textures

If the rattan seems a bit out of place, soften it by layering some additional natural decor, like a soft wool crocheted blanket or some throw pillows of durable but soft linen or cotton. Layering natural textiles and materials to give a room depth is a big trend in interior design, regardless of your chosen design style or where it will be placed in your home.

Decorate with rattan accents

There are a lot of accents you can get that will help tie your rattan furnishings in with the rest of the room. Rattan wastebaskets, barrel style stools, and plant holders are common accessories. You can also find other pieces of rattan décor, such as year-round or seasonal wreaths or wall hangings. If you would rather, you can find the materials to make rattan wall décor at your local craft store.

Complete the look

Even though you are furnishing an interior space, rattan can look out of place without some additional design elements. Floral or botanical prints are a great way to complete the look. You can choose floral or botanical cushions, throws, or pillows for your wicker furniture. A floral print area rug or table runner brings the design into eye level, while wall art can feature botanicals in more subtle ways.

Not fond of floral prints? You can also choose décor and accessories that have simpler designs featuring mostly leaves and other green plants. If you don’t want a room to look too feminine, use more of these elements. For a more balanced room, use both types of prints throughout the space.