Best Free Online Interior Design Sources

Do you have an interest in interior design but are not necessarily interested in pursuing a degree? Are you at the beginning or in the middle of a home makeover project and seem to be lost? Well, just as with nearly any other subject you can imagine, there are countless portals on the Internet where you can find some information and even instruction. For example, in the field of interior design, there are several free online courses that you can take to increase your knowledge of, and appreciation for, home décor. Here are just a few of these sources that can get you on the way to becoming a talented amateur.

  • Decorating Studio: This six-lesson course is developed by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and gives instruction on color matching, room décor, etc. The best thing about the course is that practice exercises are provided and there is no pressure to earn a letter grade. Lessons include: Decorating Styles & Living Rooms, Entry, Foyer & Guest Bath Decorating, Kitchen & Dining Room Decor, etcInterior-design
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): This prestigious institution offers free instruction in interior design via its OpenCourseWare. As with ‘Decorating Studio’, there is no pressure to earn credits or grades and you can learn about the principles of design as well as lighting, color matching and even read about historic periods in design. This can be useful the next time you are trying to decide where to place a piece like a Bentwood chair or Midj table.
  • Open University: Open University offers free courses on a variety of topics including interior design. It allows you to study in the convenience of your own home without the pressure involved in trying to pursue a degree.
  • Home and Garden Television: HGTV provides viewers with instruction in all aspects of interior design. Users can learn about topics like feng shui, color theory and decorative fabrics, etc.
  • Better Homes: Practical Guides: BHG is filled with tips, expert advice and instruction on the basics of interior design. Its articles can help you through nearly any home renovation project.

So, whether your interest in interior design is casual or you are pursuing a degree, there is a source out there that will help you to become more knowledgeable. It just takes a little initiative and hard work to sift through the many dead-ends that can sometimes be found on the Internet.